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(Written by guest contributor Unni)

Sathyan Anthikad spotted her first in Vanitha. The veteran director was impressed by what he saw, and he decided to cast this young girl from the non-descript village of Thiruvalla, as Jayaram’s heroine in Manasinakkare.

Diana Kurian, rechristened as Nayantara, has not looked back since. Indeed it has been a long journey for her and she has got more than what any girl her age could dream of – fame, money, glamour, adulation. The one thing which was eluding her was love. And she got that too.

Rewind to last year. Nayanthara gave an interview to Vanitha (“Vanna vazhi marakkan paadillello“). She made her priorities clear – that she did not belive in the insitution of “marriage”. Guys were not to be trusted.

Fast Forward. It all started some time last year end, when she signed up for “Vallavan”. The movie did not feature any super-stars. It had three heorines. The hero, (who incidentally would make Kothuku Nanappan and Machan Verghese resemble Harrison Ford and Tom Cruise) was Chimbu aka Chilambarasan, son of T Rajendran (actor kum director – Oh! The Dad would give an Astrelopithekus a run for the money). The hero was noted for making crass movies with loads of glamour and violence – the most recent and notable examples being Manmadhan and Sarvana. He also made waves with his casting coup in these movies (Mandira Bedi, Yana Gupta and Meghna Naidu did item-numbers in these two movies. Admitedly they were paid a bomb for these cameos).

Madras woke up one day to see a huge hoarding on Mount Road of Nayan and Simbu biting off each other’s lips in Vallavan.”Sacrilege!!” shouted the traditional Chennaite . Not suprisingly the hoarding was taken off by the police. But it had the rumor-mongers working over time. What really was brewing between Nayan and Chimbu. Was it just a publicity gimmick for the new release ? More news came out of them constantly texting each other and calling up several times a day. (Thank god for cellphones)

Nayan in her latest interview to Vanitha has finally confirmed the rumors. Says she “Chimbu is more than a friend. But not a lover. Its somewhere between friendship and love. Initially I thought all guys were not to be trusted. But now I discovered that there are about 10% guys who can be trusted. Chimbu falls in that category. Chimbu cares for me. Chimbu is dedicated. Chimbu this; Chimbu that”.

Finding a partner from the industry is not rare. Nayan has several predecessors. She has also confirmed the age old adage that ” Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder”.

We hope that Nayan has made the right choice. Here’s wishing the glamour queen a happy love life.

Tail-piece: Recently, the Vadapalani Junction in chennai (famous for its traffic jams), witnessed some action resembling a movie. Mr X and Miss Y were in their respective vehicles at the junction. Mr X came out of his vehicle and came to Miss Y and warned her that if she did not accompany him in his vehicle, he would not move his vehicle from the junction. What could have become a major headache for the Chennai Traffic Police was resolved by Miss Y when she agreed to board Mr X’s vehicle.

No prizes for guessing who they were.

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