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Singer-Actor-Hit Combo


(written by Guest Contributor Jo)

While launching his son into the Hindi cinema, Amitabh Bachchan wanted to have a young voice for Abishek’s songs in the movie. He was very careful about that and he didn’t want Abhishek Bachchan to have the voices like that of Kumar Sanu. So he picked Sonu Nigam and Sonu sang for him in a few movies.

In the Malayalam movie industry, we do not bother if the singer’s voice suits the actor’s age. (Perhaps Mohanlal – M. G. Sreekumar combo is an exception for this). Right from the old days, the leading actors wanted to have Yesudas’s voice as he is the most prominent and versatile singer. Many of the talented young singers have lost their chances to sing in the cinema just because of this. A backstage story says a singer from Thrissur (who had won a national-level award in Hindustani music recorded a song for the movie Arayannangalude Veedu and the lead actor appreciated his singing talents, but when the audio release came, his voice was not there because the actor demanded Yesudas’s voice).

But the trend seems to be changing. Actor Dileep has a soft corner to the Hindi singer Udit Narayanan, just like how he prefers July 4th for his movie releases. Our superstitious actor once tried Udit in his own production and it was a huge hit, so he tries to use Udit’s voice in his movies. Udit Narayanan is a brilliant singer in Hindi, we all know that. But when it comes to Malayalam, it breaks our heart to hear him butcher the language. The singer-actor-hit combo started from there onwards.

Later, Mohan Lal’s Udayanaanu Thaaram became a huge hit and it gave a break to the singer Vineeth Srinivasan and music director Deepak Dev a big break. There are better singers than Vineeth, but here again, the superstitious Malayalam cinema thought this is another singer-actor-hit combo. Result – we have seen him singing the title song for the Mohanlal starrer Naran (Deepak Dev came here again) and then in Dilip’s Chaandupottu. Mammootty took it one step further for he had Vineeth’s voice for the song Pidiyaana pidiyaana in Thuruppu Gulaan, so the audience had two reasons to run out of the theatre. One – Mammotty dances in that song and second, he sings in the voice of a young boy who attained puberty.

Gone are the days of good script, powerful acting, and good director. If you want to make a hit, all you got to do is to find the music team behind a recent hit and include them in your movie project. As simple as that!

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  1. “Gone are the days of good script, powerful acting, and good director. If you want to make a hit, all you got to do is to find the music team behind a recent hit and include them in your movie project. As simple as that!”

    If it were “as simple as that”, movies like Symphony/Devadoothan/Kilichundan Mampazham/ Ghazal/Arayannagalude veedu would not have flopped. Having said that, movies with good music have become hits because they had good stories/scripts ALSO.

    Music is another ingredient which helps the success of a movie. But it is not a mandatory attribute. Do action films have music (not BGMS’s as in the case of CBI/Irupathaam Noottandu) ? They do not. They do succeed also.

    Vineeth Srinivsan’s big break came in Kilichundan Mampazham.The title song “Kasavinte Thattamittu” was sung by him and his was a refreshing voice. With due respect to him, its not just his voice alone which resulted in the following songs becoming hit – there was an element of novelty also

    “Karale KaralinteKarale” – it was melodious and catchy. But what made it such a HUGE hit was Srinivasan Senior’s antics on screen

    “Omana kadappuram” – Again it was Dileep who stole the show with his effeminine gestures.

    “Pidiyana” – So far there has been no movie which showed Mammukka do a dance gig. The music was catchy and coupled with his “PT dance steps” resulted in a hit.

  2. Unni,

    I’m not claiming its ONLY the music, but the Malayalam cinema seems to be superstitious about the combo with these recent examples. Or else we wouldn’t see Adnan Sami, Udit Narayanan etc singing with their bubbly mallu accent. And Vineeth Srinivasan having major breakthroughs while there are other good ‘fresh and young voices in Malayalam.

    Or perhaps its just me. 🙂

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