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Review Roundup: Chess


This year’s Dileep’s lucky date release has put reviewers in double minds. On the one hand they are impressed by Dileep’s role, but on the other hand they find big loop holes in the story.

India Glitz writes

The title ‘Chess’, reminds you are at something meant to play with brain. The only thing that is missing in the film is but broadly logical brain work for the plot. And otherwise it is a fairly made thriller, quite watchable if you don’t go on and spoil the party by looking for logic in the film. Chess is for those true blue thrillers and action movie cravers.

The film visibly crippled by budget at times, don’t lack the slickness that we come to expect from its presentation in the hoardings. When you walk out of the theatre, you hear people discussing how each halves differed from the other, as the first goes on with the melodramatic flashbacks while the entire second half is more gripping as Salim kumar and Harisree Ashokan makes pretty appearances to ease the show.

Paresh Palicha writes in Rediff

The aforementioned glitches are too many to be recounted here. First and foremost, the blind factor is just an act. If this fact were kept under wraps, it would have worked wonders. There are other major potholes in the script, but to mention them would amount to giving away the plot.

That leaves us with the only bright spot — Dileep. With Chess, he has brought in a seriousness to his brand of filmmaking, the only grouse being that there should been a tighter script to support him.

Bhavana, as the love interest, has some significance in the beginning, but it is totally lost by the end of the film. Salim Kumar and Harisree Asokan handle the comic department proficiently. Ashish Vidyarthi, Vijayraghavan, Bheeman Raghu and Babu Raj play typical villains without too much of a fuss.

All in all, when compared to the disappointing fare being dished out over the last couple of months, Chess is an enjoyable movie.

Sify writes

While watching Chess you will have to leave your logic behind as director Raj Babu has tried to make it as believable as possible. His hero is no larger-than life superman, but he murders the bad men using his brains. The film also works due to the comedy track of Salim Kumar and Harisri Asokan. Salim Kumar is the housekeeper in a place where Dileep comes to stay, thinking he is blind he does a lot of buffoonery in front of him which had the audience in splits.

It is an out and out Dileep film. He is there in almost all frames and makes the film work. He has been successful in shedding his comedy image and tries a serious revenge drama. So if you are game to watch a film that’s different from the usual Dileep entertainers, try out Chess. It is a deep, dark tale of revenge, with a unique ending.


  1. I find a lot of similarity between Adhipan and Chess.

    Both were revenge dramas. Both films had heros whose mothers were killed under tragic circusmtances. Both had the hero plotting revenge using his brains. Both did not have heroine oriented plots.

  2. Oh… I expected something from the film on hearing director’s & dileep’s words….They were claiming it as a thriller with many brilliant situations in the film.May be because they might have not seen any good thrillers or investigative films.
    But there was nothing to be told new…
    A mix of many hindi,tamil movies….
    Overall frame of the story is from ‘Gajani’.Mother instead of lover..( thank god, for not copying the memory loss too..)
    Also Dileep’s dressing is also similar to gajani’s
    The blind criminal is from hindi film, I excatly don’t remember the name.
    So,its a waste of time than money…

  3. The concept of a protaganist acting blind to take revenge on his villains is from a tamil movie called Sabhash, where the hero Parthiban acts blind to take revenge on the villain.. This movie was remade into Hindi with Arjun Rampal as the hero and Zayed Khan as the villain… But if we search the roots of this concept, we might find some English movie!!

  4. Both did not have heroine oriented plots.

    Unni, which revenge movie ever had a heroine oriented plot ? 🙂

  5. VC – Let me attempt to recollect some revenge plots which were heroine orineted

    SayamSandhya – Mammotty played the singer who was jailed for accidentally murdering his wife (Geetha). He comes out of jail and saves Monisha from the villian Suresh Gopi.

    Panchagni was another example.

    Cannot remember more 🙂

  6. Unni, the question was asked, not expecting an answer, but to point out that revenge movies are hero oriented. Always there are exceptions.

  7. True. I was just trying to look for arguments 🙂

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