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Conversation with Gayatri – Part 2


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Gayatri Asokan

Gayatri started her playback career by singing Deena Dayalu Rama for the film Arayannagalude Veedu under the music director Raveendran. Enthe Nee Kanna for Sasneham Sumitra won her the best female playback singer award. “When I won the award, Das Sir called me at home. What more can a beginer ask for?. At that time I was not at home. I reached home only after the heat of the awards had all subsided. I called Das Sir immediately. He said, “Usually people pay money and buy coffee. In your case, you got coffee while still being in the bed. There are two types of coffee like that”. “This was an incident which touched me.”

When it started getting busy, I stopped learning music in Pune and came back home. I found a guru in Pandit Vinayaka Porvi in Bangalore and the learning still continues. “Film music has changed my life and gave me lot of benefits. It is good that lot of people know you. It also made me financially independent”.

A person who has influenced Gayatri a lot is Sri Sri Ravishankar. He encouraged her to take lot of risks. “I know him for almost 10 years now through my father. I got introduced to him in the Bangalore Ashram. He encouraged me to become a famous singer and to practice seriously”.

Last month, Gayatri got an invitation to participate in a Painting-cum-Music programme in Hyderabad. The artiste was Varma who is known as the Raja Ravivarma of Karnataka. “When I sang Krishna Bhajan, he drew Krishna and Radha. For Mahishasura Mardhini, he drew an angry Devi. It was very fast and it was fascinating to see two mediums merge”. “Now I am learning piano. To perform classical music with western harmony is my dream, but before that there is lot to learn. I have to learn western music and Hindustani for atleast four years. Another dream is to compose and sing. I have started work on it. A new bhajan album for which I have composed the music will be out soon”. Gayatri has the courage and boldness to travel to the farthest corners of music.


  1. iam a playbacksinger of malayalam films .as a singer she is great and hard working.she is always very happy grinning.lot to study from her.she really has to be a ghazal singer.she shouldnt go for playback or western fusion.she should only make music for ghazals and sing

  2. I think what makes Gayatri stand out is that she is not going after fame by concentrating on movie play-back singing unlike some others like Rimi, Jyotsna, Renjini Jose etc

    Her “Deenadayalu Rama” from “Arayannagulde Veedu” was top class

  3. Unni, also her other songs like “Chanjadiaadi” from Makalku, Enthe Nee Kanna from Sasneham Sumitra and Thumpikinnaram from Naran are good, but Deenadayalu is the best.

  4. Why do we have to compare? Each singer has their own talent and makes music complete. We are blessed with the best female singers. Chitra, Sujatha, Jyotsna, Gayatri its a great pacakge if you ask me.

  5. Dear gayatriji,
    Iam a great fan of your songs… gazallas.In my collge days your
    sivakakdamaru… thats are ,my favourite.Now also.

  6. Gayatri is amazing! Her songs, specially the devotional ones are my favourite. M looking fwd for her new album.

  7. Hai… gayathriji..

    i’m a huge fan of your voice… i hear

    your song the album songs of”har sas meri”

    that very cool & touchable…

  8. Gayatri is an unusual singer who unlike other singers of her time does not pursue a commercial interest in singing but concentrates on getting as perfect as is possible in her chosen vocation which is singing well. Wrong country; this is not a place that celebrates excellence or the pursuit of excellence. It has already made it clear that it worships material gain alone. Gayatri is an exceptionally gifted singer with whom it would be a pleasure to communicate.

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