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Kavya steps into Meera’s shoes. This was the top news in one of the news sites recently. “Hope they both have the same shoe size” was our immediate reaction. But the story was about how Kavya is going to replace Meera in Lohithadas’s new movie.

When Balram vs Taradas was being filmed, the story behind the movie made bigger news that the movie itself. That pattern seems to be repeating with various new movies. Few months back, Lohithadas announced a new project in which Jayaram was the hero. Normally most of his movies have Meera Jasmine as the heroine and it was a shocker when Lohithadas announced that Kavya Madhavan would be Jayaram’s heroine. He also mentioned that Kavya is a talented and sensual actress.

Then one day Meera came back. Then she quit again and now Kavya is back. The hero of the movie has also changed. Now it is Dileep. Maybe Lohithadas should start filming the movie and depending on Meera’s mood, she can come and act one day. The next day Kavya can act. If Jayaram wants to act, he can come in. Finally at the end of the shoot, Lohithadas can look at the daily rushes and see if anything worthwhile can be made of it. Even with such a khichdi, it might be better than movies of the Karan Johar genre and could win some awards at the IIFA. Else it can be shown as a mega serial on Kairali TV.

Seems like Lohithadas is not the only one with this problem in finalizing the cast. Blessy was supposed to do a movie with Suresh Gopi in the lead and he then it changed to Mohanlal. Now it is Mammootty. It is as if Blessy rounded up all the three heroes in Malayalam and did an “inky-pinky-ponky” with them.

Earlier we had written about issues facing Moonnamathoral, where the director was at the receiving end. That makes tantrums, whims and fancies universal in this industry. It also reveals the problem when you have a handful of actresses and actors and it is difficult to find a replacement. The only way to elegantly solve this problem is to find people with matching shoe sizes so that when one steps into another’s shoes, they are comfortable.

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