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Getting Hurt

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The He-Man of Malayalam cinema, Suresh “Shit” Gopi is getting hurt all the time. In his missionary seal to make Kerala 100% English literate, he embarked on a mission to make multi-lingual movies. He acted in a lot of movies, mostly carbon copies of each other and soon his career fell like that of Kunjalikutti after the recent elections. He claimed that some “vested interests” blocked his career. Hurt by their remarks, he took a career break.

It is said, time heals all wounds. A short bank balance too heals all wounds. After thinking about what went wrong with his career, he decided to re-invent himself and did the role of a womanizer in Lanka and had a three minute kissing scene with Mamta Mohandas. The kissing did not hurt Suresh or Mamta, but the producer watched in horror as his money disappeared like money invested in an emerging market mutual fund.

Suresh Gopi was hurt soon, when a dynamite explosion hit him during the filming of Rashtram. (“Dynamite” is not the code word for Mamta Mohandas). He recovered from the accident and completed the movie successfully. Now he has been hurt, this time in the set of Joshi’s new movie, Janmam

A rain sequence in which Suresh was roughing up the villains was being shot. While performing the stunt, Suresh had a fall and in the event he injured his head. He also suffered injuries on his left shoulder.

There have been blood clots in the injuries and hence Suresh decided to take Ayurvedic treatment. Hence, he has been admitted to a hospital in Coimbatore. The whole unit is praying for his speedy recovery.

He has been reported out of danger.[Injured again]

In our list of top risk takers, Suresh Gopi now ranks much above Gopika and Kavya Madhavan. Then Suresh has to pause and ask himself, how long will he continue to get hurt like this? Maybe he should stick to english and guns to decimate his onscreen opponents.

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