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Preview: Ashwaroodan

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When producer D.Rama Naidu, who has entered Guiness Book for producing most number of movies, saw the commitment of Jayaraj and Suresh Gopi in making Albutham, he wanted to produce a movie with them and we get Ashwaroodan.

If there was someone brave, bold and willing to accommodate any one who seeks his help without looking whether the supplicant is in the right or wrong, it was Poomatathil Viswanathan. He was the life and soul of Vazhamatom village. Intellectually astute, absolutely righteous and unscrupulously just, he was the law and the law enforcer of the land. When Viswanathan is treacherously killed, his son Poomatathil Veerabhadran dons his father’s mantle. Veerabhadran is a chip of the old block. Always dressed in white and wearing a ring and a locket that resemble the rays of the sun, he is the protector of the oppressed and the refuge of the helpless. Seetha Lakshmi is a socially responsible Brahmin girl who comes out in support of displaced adivasis, gets imprisoned and even gets thrown out of her own house. Veerabhadran provides her shelter. Preview : Ashwaroodan

In Prajapathi, Mammotty played Devarmadom Narayanan, a righteous person who is the law and law enforcer of a village. Suresh Gopi plays a similar role in this movie. Actually Suresh Gopi’s entire career was built on playing a man who enforces his own law and so this movie will not reveal any new facets in his talents. IAS officer, IPS officer, life and soul of Vazhamatom village – it is like – been there, done that a thousand times.

The only interesting thing about this movie is that it is directed by Jayaraj. One of his previous associations with Suresh Gopi fetched Suresh the national award. As a director, Jayaraj’s track record is like a pendulum. One the one hand he has movies like Kudumbasametham, Kaliyattam, and, Desadanam and on the other hand he was behind atrocities like Rain Rain Come again, Johny Walker, and, Highway. The music director is Jassie Gift who seems to have got the gift of life back after Balram vs Taradas.

This is a low budget movie costing about 1 crore, which is in the range of Kalabhavan Mani movies. If there is a good initial, the producer will get his money back.

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  1. Absolutely no novelty in the story. Jayraj I feel is in it only for the money. Suresh Gopi also may be for the same. Long back there was a movie called “Jamindar” with him in this kind of role. It never came out of the cans.

    I think Rama Naidu wants to do a Cost Benefit Analysis study of the Malayalm film industry before he actually commits to bigger project ie if he decides to do one

    An amount of 1 crore must be peanuts to a man who produced Bachchan

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