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What’s in a name?

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(Written by guest contributor Unni)

Finding an appropriate name for a movie is by no means an easy task. It has to be catchy, meaningful, should have relevance to the theme of the movie and should be announced sufficiently early. (Announcing a title early has its advantages – people speculating over the content of the movie and thereby a lot of hype is generated.) In many of the cases, the title has to go through a number of iterations before everyone is satisfied with the outcome.

However, of late, there seems to be a dearth of names. One need not look back far to see movies of the same name being released in two different languages and at the same time.

Pachakuthira – the Dileep movie, was his Vishu release and featured him in a double role, one of it being that of a mentally challenged person. At the same time, Kollywood saw the release of a Parthipan-Namitha starrer of the same name. While the former was an out-and-out family movie, the same cannot be said of the latter – not surprising as Namitha is the glamour queen of Kollywood and has a phobea for clothes.

Now another instance of a possible name-confusion has come out. Dileep is at one end once-again – the other end is a certain Hindi super-star by name of Shah Rukh Khan.The title in question is “Don”.

Shah Rukh’s “Don“, directed by Farhan Akthar is a remake of the old Bachchan-Zeenat Amman classic of the same name- famous for its songs such as “Khaike Pan Benaras wallah“. The original had Bachchan play an underworld Don. “Don” would be Shah Rukh’s Deepavli Release.

Shaji Kailas’s “Don” is also an underworld story featuring the “Jana-priya-Nayagan” aka Dileep as the Don. Meera Jasmine plays his pair. The movie is also Dileep’s Onam release.

Now Onam and Deepavali are not very far apart. And with two movies sharing theatre space roughly at the same time, will the poor (but intelligent) malayali audience left confused yet again?

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  1. Forgot Black??? Mammotty’s Black and the Bollywood version wasn’t released much apart!

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