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India’s first digital movie


George Lucas’s Star Wars Episode II was the first digital movie we saw. Though the movie had many digital characters in it, that is not what we are refering to. The movie was filmed and projected digitally and did not rely on conventional projector. Even in United States, there were not many theatres equipped to show the movie and we had to watch it in some special theatres.

The image quality was much better and the details more vivid. Film Critic Roger Ebert saw the movie in both formats and does the comparison.

But I knew the film had been shot on digital video, and that George Lucas believed that it should preferably be seen, not on film, but projected digitally. Sunday I was able to see the digital version, and Lucas is right: “Star Wars: Episode II–Attack of the Clones” is sharper, crisper, brighter and punchier on digital than on film.

On digital, the images were bright and clear. The difference was dramatic: more detail, more depth, more clarity…It’s to be expected that “Episode II” would look better on digital, because it was entirely filmed on digital. Therefore, the digitally projected version is generation one, and the film version is one generation further from the source.

Moonnamathoral, directed by V. K. Prakash has the distinction of being India’s first digital movie. Main advantage of digital movies are that, expensive film rolls and post processing expenses could be done away. Movie would be transmitted to computers in movie theatres, hence the movie could be released in a larger number of theatres. It’s roughly estimated that about Rupees 30 lakhs could be saved in production costs.

VK Prakash is directing the film for Fairy Queen Productions. “The film is based on the concept of fear. It revolves mostly around an investigation,” he said.

Trissur-based Emil and Eric Digital Pvt Limited is the technical consultant for the project. The entire film is going to be shot on a HD camera.

If the format becomes popular, then film production costs will come down drastically. [India’s first digital film getting ready]

True to it’s name it’s Moonamathoral (3 rd person) is considered as hero. Earlier Indrajith and Biju Menon were considered as heroes and they backed out due to time constraints and the director has settled on Jayaram, who had no issues about managing his time.

Once upon a time Malayalam cinema embraced technological advances like 6-track stereophonic sound (Padayottam) and 3-D (My dear Kuttichathan). We hope V.K.Prakash’s movie gets released and viewers are able to see the difference.


  1. Hi,

    I just read that Moonamathoral is shot entirely on HD camera … GOOD , but i have some doubts ….

    1)How are they going to distribute the movie ?? … wht format ?

    2)How does a conventional theatre able to play the movie ??

    3 )Does this mean the movie looks too good ??

    4 ) How can we play the movie in HD at home ?? …
    does they distribute in HD-DVD or Blu-ray DVD ??
    (coz normal DVD aint HD !!)

    5) Can anyone release the song “Peyyukayaanu” in HD format ( PC only )…. so the news of HD spreads all over the Indian Internet community .

    btw , even the best HD videos arent better than normal cinema quality .

  2. Hi
    It’s wonderful to know about digital cinema. I am a film maker and would like to know Emil and Eric’s official website. And the technology information theyare providing.

  3. Dear friends, this to inform you all that First Hindi Digital Feature Film: KIMET – Ek Anokha Moad has been Produced by VISION Q INCORPORATE, Mumbai & was Premiered internationally at 62nd Cannes Film Festival 2009 at India Pavilion on May16, 2009 which was witnessed by lots of Indian & Foreign Filmmakers, Distributors & other Media Personalities. It is a recorded fact & any body can check it up.The Film was selected by the Ministry of I & B, Govt. of India under ASSOCHEM which organized the India Pavilion at Cannes Film Festival, 2009. Now some Alt Entertainment, a Production House is claiming its Film LSD as the First Hindi Digital Feature Film which is absolutely wrong.

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