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Finding the second and third person


Are you free right now? Do you have a few weeks to spare? Then please rush to Peerumedu, where director V.K.Prakash is looking for some actors for his movie Moonamathoral (A third person). Actually he had the actors all ready before filming, but suddenly none of them were able to reach Peerumedu. First Biju Menon dropped off and it was followed by Indrajith. Fortunately he was able to get Jayaram, who as we know is currently jobless as the festival season is over in Kerala.
This is no big deal. If he manages to get one actor (Jayasurya is always available), he can change the title to “Randamathoral” (A second person). God forbid, if Jayasurya is also busy, he can change the title to Oral (One Man) and continue with the movie. Another option is to follow the Kalabhavan Mani route and make Jayaram do all the three parts.

Moonamathoral is a special movie as it is the first digitial movie to be filmed in India. If no other actor is available, then the director can use digital techniques in the creation of animated actors like those in Finding Nemo or Who Framed Roger Rabbit. That way he doesn’t have to spend all the producer’s money in making long distance calls to these scarce actors.


  1. The posts which come out these days seem to be full of un-necessarily making fun of actors. (ex: who as we know is currently jobless as the festival season is over in Kerala). In the early days, I have enjoyed the posts with creative criticism, but these days all posts are more like just making fun. I would like to see more constructive criticism posts in VC. 🙂

  2. yeah these days vc r here just for mockery of actors/actresses..Maybe some of them arent dat good actors but they arent definitely bad atleast they ve reached this far..its easy to sit back and comment VC people..y dont u guys make up a film..lets c how it goes…}

    And i know dat u wont publish my this post…still its ok…

  3. hahahah its sooo sad that varnachitram rejected my post…i knew it tht has degraded u even further…

  4. Jo,

    VC provides you two luxuries :

    1. In our experience in Indian Blogosphere, we have noticed that there are many bloggers who do not approve comments which disagree their post. They selectively approve comments which agree with their point of view and reject the rest giving an impression to a reader that, that is what the rest of the world is thinking. We welcome disagreements and are happy to post any non-abusive comments.

    2. VC has always welcomed the readers to write articles for us. On any of the issues, if you have a different take, we will be more than happy to publish it.

  5. Suraj,

    We invite original criticisms, not the ones which piggyback on someone else’s criticisms. And please note that we operate in different time zones, hence your comments would not be instantly approved.

    John Updike has a new novel called “The Terrorist” which is about an Islamic terrorist. He has quoted extensively from Quran in the book. Recently in a radio show, a Muslim called and asked if Updike knew Arabic and without knowing it how could he write the book. Updike replied that, if he waited long enough to be an expert in every aspect of every character in his novel, he could probably write only one novel. Similarly, if we waited enough to make a movie and then criticize others, the vc will probably have only one post – e.g. Immini Nalloral sucks.

    Actually we are planning to make a movie. The script is ready. Nayantara, Asin and Nagma have agreed to star in this movie which is about the suffering of women. The hero has not been finalized and we are planning to conduct an online poll to find one. If we were mimicry artistes who made a career of making fun of others or , maybe son of ex-actors, we could have played the hero’s part ourselves.

    We are also short of cash. The movie requires about 3 crores to make and we are short by…3 crores. 🙂

  6. My comment was not about the approval/disapproval, it was only a suggestion being the regular reader of VC. I am surprised to see your reply.

    The luxuries you provide here do not matter as long as you are not ready to address the concerns of the visitors/readers/contributors.

  7. Jo,

    There is a difference between blogs and main stream media. The latter has to cater to readers, make them happy and make sure they don’t offend anyone etc. Blogs are usually by people who want to write their opinion freely not constrained by the above factors. We read lot of blogs and have not even once told the blog author on what he should write and what he should not write.

    We have hundreds of visitors every day and it’s difficult to address each and every one’s concerns. Our motto is “We are not in the business of making everyone happy”. It’s not that we are mocking actors and actresses day after day, if you see the previous posts. We have substance and sarcasm mixed. We want to get out of this climate of irrelevant reverence towards movie actors.

  8. hey these criticism is not a piggyback on someone ,but these are some thing which i do support Jo…See maybe u wudnt have wrote in any blogs asking writers wht he shd write and wht he shdnt.?but tht doesnt mean everyone shd be dat way…and these r just constructive criticisms theres nothing to create so huge concern about it…
    and i think theres no use of commenting in this blog since it wud hardly change…

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