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The other day Kavya Madhavan told us the risks she has taken to provide us with entertainment. This involves traveling to beautiful places like Thailand, New Zealand and dancing in the streets, all at the producer’s expense. If you want to see real risk taking, look at Gopika. For her new movie Emdon Mahan, she acted with a scorpion. No, scorpion is not the nick name for any popular hero, but the actual crawly thing.

When you involve animals in movies, it is a risky proposition. For example, the horse in Kilukkam Kilukilukkam is now a major contestant for lead roles, often giving competition to human actors like Jayasurya. The horse also managed to give sleepless nights to the producer. In Thanmatra, it was a lizard, who was the lone witness to Mohanlal making love to his wife.

In India there are more laws to protect animals than human beings. When a scorpion was needed for the scene, the film makers had to get permission from the Animal Welfare Board. Scorpion is an animal whose major talent is in stinging human beings and no permission from any Human Welfare Board was required for the shoot. The details of the shoot are hilarious.

As per the story, Bharat wants to set up a chance to meet his sweetheart, Gopika. As he is on the lookout for a perfect opportunity, it happens in the form of a scorpion bite to Gopika. To shoot this scene, the scorpion was brought with great care and an attendant was near by. On the first day, he did not co-operate well with the heroine. [Gopika’s shoot with a scorpion]

The problem he did not co-operate well could be that he wanted a song scene with Gopika and she was in no mood to accomodate that request since she thinks that the scorpion is behind all those nasty SMS messages.

Gopika squealed with fear when he at last climbed on to her hand. Pack up for day one. Meanwhile the director advised Gopika to get familiar with Mr. Scorpion.

He, here refers to the scorpion, not Bharath.

On the second day, the shooting was held between 9 p.m. and midnight and the scene was successfully okayed.

Gopika was emotionally drained  and tired from her acting experience with  scorpion, but there was utter disregard to her well being.

After the shoot, a veterinary doctor was summoned who examined scorpion and declared him fit.

Did anyone examine Gopika to see if she was allright? Looks like the editors of varnachitram are the only people concerned with her health. Thankfully she is fine.

The way our actresses are going about risking their lives, we think an Actress welfare Board should be set up – in the lines of SPCA(Society for Prevention of Cruelty against Animals). And we selflessly volunteer to head this organisation.


  1. I love your passion for Jayasurya. HAHAHAHA. You Rock!

  2. “He, here refers to the scorpion, not Bharath”

    Obviously the scorpion was a Male, going by his affinity towards Gopika.

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