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Score Card 6


down Mammotty: He dances “Pidiyana Pidiyana” in red pants, black tshirt and a jacket filled with circles in primary colors. Both Ramarajan and K.Bhagyaraj still remain shocked after seeing it.
up K.Mani: Acting in triple role. Suresh Gopi’s answer – act in three movies in one month
up Suresh Gopi: Reveals that he got inspiration for his mannerisms in Chintamani Kola case from Dracula. Thank god that he didn’t get inspired by Dracula for his role in Lanka when he was kissing Mamta.
down Kavya Madhavan: She went from Eranakulam to Palakkad and prayed for Lion’s success and it worked. For her next movie, Classmates, the hero is Jayasurya. She might have to probably travel to Haridwar and Rishikesh for it’s success.
neutral Prithviraj in the title role in the tamil version of Udayananu Taram. 3.18 crore people are keen to know the outcome.


  1. On Mammotty – Maybe Govinda/Vijaykanth will take notice

    On Prithviraj – Gawdddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kavya Madhavan:
    Did she really travelled to Haridwar and Rishikesh? I think she went one step furthur, and gods are pleased.. Classmates is all time hit of malayalam!

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