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Sneak preview : Bhargavacharitham Moonnam Khandam



Written by Guest contributor Unni

Hollywood has always been a perennial source of inspiration for our story-writers – the vast majority who moan the dearth of “good” stories. There are exceptions though who say that “Stories are there all the time. you just need to look around and spot them”. Now story-telling based on realistic incidents around you is not an easy task and only veterans like Sreenivasan would dare to do films like that and come up trumps too. However good stories continue to elude our directors and script-writers alike.

It is in this context that our movie-makers turn to Hollywood for “inspiration” – be it Thalavattom (One flew over the cuckoos nest) or something as recently as Pachakuthira (Rainman – even though Dileep has claimed that the movie is HIS brainchild).Now it is the turn of Jo Mon to invoke the Hollywood “daivangal” and pray “Shakthi tharoo”.

Jo Mon teams up with Sreenivasan for his latest creation – “Bharagavacharitham Moonam Khandam” (BMK), which if rumors are to be believed, is the story of an Underworld Don and a Psychiatrist, and is “inspired” from the Hollywood movie – “Analyze This” starring Robert De Niro as the Don and Billy Crystal as his shrink. The story is of a Mafia don played by De Niro who has an emotional breakdown and has a chance encounter with the psychiatrist, played by Billy Crystal, who tries to cure him. For details, see

The storyline look very promising and knowing Sreenivsan’s penchant for comedy with a serious touch, BMK is a movie to watch out for.

PS: In this age, where we have sequels/trilogies/Char a vs Char B type movies, Jomon can look to Part II for BMK, as “Analyze this” had a sequel “Analyze That”.

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