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Review Roundup: Vadakkumnathan



There was a lot of apprehension about this movie as the movie faced multiple hurdles before release. Looks like it was worth the wait. Most of the reviews describe the movie in glowing terms. In our preview of this movie, we had written that one of the keys for this movie’s success would be the script, the reviews below have only good things to say about Girish Puthenchery’s attempt.

Sify writes:

Vadakkumnathan is a gutsy and gritty endeavour from debutant scriptwriter and lyrist Girish Puthencherry and director Shajoon Kariyal. It is Mohanlal’s third film this year where he tries to cater to the taste of the family audience by making a sensible film.

In the age of shallow and fraudulent mass masala and larger-than-life heroes, Mohanlal had the guts to be a part of an aesthetically well-made film, with outstanding music that haunts you even after you leave the hall. Hats off to late Raveendran who has given some great songs plus the lead actors who have given life-like performances. Vadakkumnathan

IndiaGlitz writes:

And the much-delayed Vadakkumnathan seems a worthy successor to Thamathra. If it was Alzheimer’s in Blessy’s sensitively crafted movie, then Vadakkumnathan deals with innder demons and depressions of a highly-skilled Sanskrit scholar. Backed by some liliting music, Vadakkumnathan at once tugs at your heart strings as well as soothes your jangled nerves. The pace maybe slow, but it is pregnant with poignant pauses. Full marks to director Shajoon Kariyal for making a film with conviction and clarity. There is no effort to shortchange the audience with ersatz entertainer. Vadakkumnathan – Mind matters writes:

The character has stereotypical eccentricities associated with such people that are misinterpreted as signs of egotism. He mysteriously disappears on his wedding day and is presumed to be dead. But he is found and brought back after five long years from Haridwar by his family.

The mystery behind Pisharody’s disappearance is what the story is built around. Some parts of the film, especially the violent climax, give the feeling that it might have been ghost written by Ranjith. Vadakkumnathan review

While most of the MSM (Main Stream Media) thinks that this is a great movie, blogger Ratheesh Krishnavadhyar thinks it is forgettable.

The problem with Mohanlal’s films is that the actor has reached a kind of peak in his acting career, having handled a wide spectrum of characters, and I expect any of his new films to be a classic, in the line of his earlier memorable films. However, Malayalam filmmakers hardly find any suitable theme to exploit his talents. It is true that they show him to us in different costumes, taking different occupations – like a carpenter in Rasathanthram, film director in Udayananu Tharam or a building contractor in Hariharan Pilla Happy Aanu. But, other than few superficial changes in appearance, they fail to bring out any fundamentally new facet of the actor. So, when I see a new Mohanlal film these days, I get a feeling that I have seen his character many times before, irrespective of whether he is acting as a fisherman or a carpenter. In fact, there is nothing wrong in this, if at least the film as a whole has something new to offer. Unfortunately, his films also turn out to be disappointments.

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  1. Though i have not seen this movie but i can assure you guys that its gonna be a treat for your eyes and mind.The reason why i am saying thgis is not because i am a mohanlal fan or something.I happened to see the special program which featured in Asianet about vadakkumnathan.I really happened to like it.the song ‘oru kili paattu mulave’ brings nostalgia in itself.I will definitly put this movie in the league of very good classical movies like bharatham,sargam,kamaladalam and his highness abdulla.Together lets welcome this movie and lets encourage such kind of movies in the future also.

  2. when I was leaving the hall after watching the movie vadakkumnathan, I heard one fellow asking his friend what was the name of the film,we have just watched?i heard the same guy also admitting himself after a few moments that he had asked so as he failed to make out any relation with the story and its name. I looked at that unfortunate friend’s face.Truly i expexted a lot from girish puthenchery, who wrote the story and script of this unworthy movie.
    there are so many occassions when audience overwhelm with protagonist’s generosity and politeness. I doubt if its a norm that one should speak in valluvanadan slangs to be counted as a civilised malayali, it will irritate you in the scenes where Lal holding and asking that hulky, rude faced shammy thilakan “nontho ente kuttikku” when the latter was beaten up by the police oficer.
    Audience get bored with out dated dialogues and expressions. Director and script writer utterly flopped in the creation of charactor of the protagonist. He leaves his home the day of his marriage and convincing his family that he is dead after some months later. you would never get answer why did he give up his innocent lover and loving family for a reason that can be cured by a physician near by his home.It is same what happened in the climax.A stunt scene and a melodrama, after crawling until then. Raveendran’s music is the only relaxing and noteworthy thing in this movie.
    I am not commenting on the othe facts even s kumar’s photography as it would be unnoticed in the whole fuss.
    Advice for who are yet to watch this flick, better you buy a audio cassette and listen to refreshing songs and never think about the movie.

  3. i can think of only one reason why protagonist decided to leave the home and society and even his innocent lover on the day of his marriage – which is the overly dramatic situation portrayed of his home and acquaintances. if once home is so very dramatic and emotional, it is pressurising & any normal man would feel like running away! how long will the portrayal of mothers and well wishers of a protagonist in our movie continue like this, blind and excessively benevolent to one person over others? we have seen this over and over again and i can tell you a lot of us are tired of seeing this. why can’t our mothers be more normal and balanced, rather than being overtly dramatic, blindly emotional and crying all the time.

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