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Kidnapping spree


(with inputs from Unni)

In the old K.G.George movie Panchavadipalam, there is a scene where one party tries to kidnap a politician from the opposition in a basket. This was a time in India when political kidnappings were common. In Mithunam, there is a similar scene where Mohanlal and Sreenivasan kidnap Urvashi from her house in a mattress. (Before this scene Srinivasan asks that classic dialogue, “Ee panthrandu vayassu kariye aano, muthalali kazhinja pathimoonu kollamayi premichathu?”

The current trend in Malayalam cinema is kidnapping of successful directors by actors. Fresh from the success of Balram Vs Taradas, Suresh Gopi wants his next movie to be directed by I.V.Sasi. Suresh Gopi tasted success with Shaji Kailas’s Chintamani Kola case. So Dileep is having his next movie directed by Shaji Kailas. Mammootty, who had loaned Joshiey to everyone else has got Joshiey back for his Pothan Vava. (In between he “took” Johnny Antony from Dileep). And Mohanlal, who “returned” Joshiey (after Naran) is going to have a movie directed by Anwar Rashid of Raja Manickyam fame. Out of this lot, Dileep seems to carrying a bigger basket as he has got Sathyan Anthikkad also for one his forthcoming movies.

If you are a successful director, then beware of stars walking around with baskets and matresses.

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