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Priyadarshan – some candid views



In his new interview Priyadarshan has been very candid and reveals his philosophy and inner secrets to understand which you just need an average brain.Inspiration for his latest Hindi movie:

I never come up with an idea. Sometimes it is inspired from other films that I have seen and enjoyed watching, sometimes from the films that I have made. I take some situations that I have not used in Hindi films from the 64 films that I have made to date. “I never come up with an idea”

So finally the secret is out. In fact the technical description for this syndrome can be found here. Now let’s see how he justifies his inspirations:

Even a child who plays cricket is inspired by, say, Sachin’s shot and he tries to copy it. So I think inspiration is not a bad thing. It helps one come up in life. Everyone today is inspired from something or the other

New equation: copying a cricket shot is same as copying a movie. Screw all copyright laws.

I am a filmmaker who makes films for children. I don’t make movies for pseudo-intellectuals. I don’t want them to watch my films.

Good to know that movies like Kalapaani, Virasat and Gardish were made for kids. The kids who saw them must be undergoing treatment now.

Next comes the motivation for making movies.

Glamour and the kind of money I enjoy in filmmaking!

I ventured into making Hindi films only to make better money than Malayalam movies. That was my sole aim. I want to be successful and make enough money to make my family secure. After that I can make films for my own satisfaction.

Unlike other people who make movies for the sake of art and personal satisfaction, it is refreshing to know that Priyadarshan has no such higher goals in mind. Money is a great motivator and the results are out there for us to see in his slickly made Hindi movies.

I have an average sense of humour and an average brain. So far, people have accepted my films.

Actually we disagree here. Priyadarshan has an excellent sense of humor. His Mithunam, Vellanakalude Naadu, Chitram and Kilukkam had us rolling on the floor. Regarding the brain, he would know better.


  1. It funny the way inspiration works for some people.

  2. Sometime earlier, Priyadarsan had mentioned that Malayalam films lakhs perfection. He only found Tanmatra as a good film. First of all Mr.Priyadarshan I do not think you are eligible to give a comment on this because of the following reason.
    – Were you able to make films like Tanmatra, Kazhcha or Pothanmada.
    – You were earlier a good copy cat in Malayalam. Now as your basket is empty, you had started copying malayalam films which other directors had made. You are a COPYCAT. I came to see all the English originals of Talavattam, Ninnishtam Ennishatam, etc.
    – For a director, his film means his child. The release date of a movie is actual birth date of his child. And you are a paculiar category director who does not want to watch your own movie. You are SICK.

    We do not have a problem in you copying movies from and to different languages. But you need to keep quiet. All keralites know you very well. So don’t make such a big statements in front of Tamil, Hindi people. They do not know you very well.

    Were you able to deliver a super hit in another language which was your own hit in Malayalam.

    Movies like Ramji Rao Speaking, God Father was a super hit in malayalam because of the screen play and director’s potential. And you copied frame by frame of those movies into hindi.

    This is nothing great.

    You are only a normal director. Nothing special in you.

    One thing good about you is that you capture the songs very good in movies. Go and do some albums or Advertisements.

  3. hey …. thanks for informing us real meaning of the word inspiration. really im inspired of that word and ofcourse the meaning(priyadarshans view point)

  4. ofcourse priyan copydirected many english films to malayalam. But his directing style is very admiarable even if it is copeyed or not.Any how he is a good picturised director of authentic scene by scene. fine do it again in malayalam priyan . i am waiting ur picturisation again and agian in malayalam. give us once more type of film like chithram , kilukkam , thallavattam , kalapani etc .
    good luck priyan.bye from sahjin rajsmith

  5. I have seen almost all Priyadarshan films.And i liked most of them.But as Babunath has said more than 95% of his films were copied from english or some other languages.So i can’t agree with those telling that he is a great director.Because in filmmaking the most important attribute one must posess is creativity.Priyadarshan lacks that.It is ok if u r “inspired by” some good movies(the word he uses instead of “copy”),but if all ur movies have an “inspired by” tag then u would be called as a copycat instead of a director.

  6. Dear Priyan

    Your movies are no doubt highly comedy movies giving wholesome fun and enterntainment for the viewers. A great deed indeed
    I have a request. A movie on Sir CP who had done lot of good work for Kerala with MOhanlal as Dir CP. This will bring an insight into theminds of the public.Communists especially who believe in only politics and no real work will not like such movie I know. But Sir CP did lot of real work for the welfare of Kerala. Hence my request for such a Movie. That too in your hands, it will bring lot of facts

  7. Good idea, but unfortunately we’ll have to wait till someone makes it in Hollywood first, then Priyan will remake it in Malayalam, Hindi etc.

  8. I support Srini ;well said.

  9. priyan is a good director with good writers, example : adwaitham, aryan, etc otherwise he is not great…now his store is empty..even he is copying from ranjith dont even say to him, thats why he face ban in kerala !!!
    because of mohanlal people are there to praise him as great director and a group of friends like maniyan pilla raju, mg sreekumar & suresh kumar who are known for group & coccus [playing cards of upper caste]supporting you can see in his own scripts the example of caste ideations /discrimination [thenmavin kombathu & kakkakuyil]
    come down , get nice stories from new guys & get scripts from t damodaran ,sn swamy etc & survive !!!thats the only way you can get rid of ur great ‘copy cat image’ !!

  10. SN Swamy?? He writes really pathetic murder mysteries.

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