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Preview : Vadakkumnathan


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The story behind this movie and the producer’s problems grabbed more time than the story of this movie. Finally, all is well and the movie is set to hit the screens. In this movie Mohanlal plays a Sanskrit professor, who goes on a journey of self-discovery.

Iringannoor Bharathan Pisharody, professor at the Sanskrit University, a very knowledgeable man with a keen interest in the Vedas, astrology and Kathakali, author of several critical works and winner of numerous awards, is the central character of Vadakkum Nathan. Meera is his student and murapennu.Though Bharathan does not encourage it, Meera often tries to take advantage of the relationship even in class.Both families have agreed to their wedding and a date has been fixed. But when the auspicious day dawns and the bride arrives at the mandapam, she realizes to her utter dismay and desolation that the groom has disappeared.Gloom settles over the household. Meera is inconsolable.

Years pass. No one knows Bharathan’s whereabouts. Even death is not ruled out.Then one day his mother and uncle on a pilgrimage to the holy shrines of Haridwar, Kedarnath,Rishikesh and Rudraprayag, meet Bharathan on the foothills of the Himalayas. [Synopsis]

This musical is written by Girish Puthenchery. His previous attempt at this task was for the forgettable venture Kerala House Vilpanakku. There is also talk that the story is inspired from Russel Crowe’s award winning movie The beautiful mind. The theme of the movie looks interesting, but as it’s Girish Puthenchery’s initial attempts at script writing it would be interesting to see how it turns out.

Director Shajoon Karyal(Thachiledathu Chundan, Saivar Tirumeni, Greetings) is directing Mohanlal for the first time. The main attraction of this movie is the music by the Late Raveendran. Our favourites are Kalabham Tharam and Oru Kili Pattu Moolave.
Such self-discovery movies, might get boring unless the director takes care. So if Girish Puthenchery provides a tight script and Shajoon Karyal has control on his craft this movie would click. Mohanlal is also on a roll with a hit in Rasathanthram and even a slow movie like Thanmatra doing well.


  1. A very laaaaaaate preview… The movie has released last friday and reviews are out in and in favor of the makers!!

  2. Just like everything else with this movie – a little late. We never thought this movie will get released.

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