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Preview: Kali

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We wrote the following about Kalabhavan Mani recently

The talented Kalabhavan Mani is a different genre altogether. His low budget movies always recover the cost and makes the producers happy. Mani is very versatile and can almost any character – from comedian to police officer to villain. He can sing too. He is one man mobile enertainment unit. [Multiple Roles]

After portraying IAS and IPS characters, Mani is now a doctor in this new movie.

The family of Thrikottur Menon, who manages Daya hospital, found Rajagopal as very efficient and industrious. They forwarded a marriage proposal for Dr. Rajagopal from their family and Rajagopal was married to Rejani (Meera Vasudev).

But, Rajagopal couldn’t digest the activities in the hospital. He began to question the un humanistic treatment measures adopted in the hospital just for making money. Very soon, he became an enemy to Menon family and was eliminated from service in the hospital. Dr. Rajagopal now take the cause of anti humanistic treatment procedures in every private hospitals and come over to fight against it in public. What the story follows is the revolutions that he try to make in public health treatments in private hospitals.[Synopsis]

The story and screenplay of Kali is T.A.Razak, who has written story and screenplay for movies like Raapakal, Bus Conductor, Vesham, Perumazhakalam. Kali is directed by Anil, previously part of Anil-Babu director duo. Incidentally Mani, Razak and Anil are reuniting after Valkannadi(released in 2002).

The heroine of the movie is Meera Vasudev now Meera Vishal, who wanted to prove that even married actresses can expose. Usually Kalabhavan Mani movies do not become the talk of the town, but just silently recover their cost and this could be one of them.

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  1. Sad to see the talented Meera Vasudevan being wasted in this role

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