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Kavya Madhavan’s risk taking


Kavya Madhavan

Kavya Madhavan tells us the story of her trip to Bangkok to film a song for the film Lion Runway

We were told that it would be really cold there and so we got some sweaters. Then I was not going alone, Director Joshi, Cameraman Sukuchettan, Dileep Chettan, my father, my mother, associate director, camera assistant were all there. Like me they would have also have to suffer from that cold, I thought. Acting, like all other jobs has its risks. I comforted myself thinking there is no job which gives only happiness. [Experiences in a foreign location: Kavya Kadhavan]

It seems Kavya struggled a lot with Thai food and longed for Kerala food there. Finally she went to an Indian restaurant and the food there was worse than Thai food.

Tears were flowing down our cheeks after reading the story behind the song Shabba Shabba. What all sacrifices these actors and actresses undergo for our entertainment, like going to beautiful places like Bangkok at the producers expense and visiting world class beaches.

If she wants a less risky job, she can be the editor of varnachitram and we will travel around the world for her.


  1. Hahahahaha…!

    That’s a good response to her! I hope she reads this!!

  2. No wonder she is called a “mandabudhi”.

  3. VC – Kavya went to Phuket (Thailand) for shooting a song from Runway, not Lion. She had been to Newzealand for Lion and Singapore for Kilukkam Kikilukkam, for song picturisations.

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