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Preview: Pulijanmam



Murali won the Bharath Award for his performance in Neythukaran which was a tribute to EMS. Now Murali is joining hands with the director of that movie, Priyanandanan, to make this movie in which he acts as a political idealist who gets involved in the issues of his village. Based on the Sahithya Academy award and Sangeeth Natak Academy award winning novel by N.Prabhakaran, Murali plays a double role in the film.

But he is misunderstood and ostracized by society. Still unmarried at forty, deserted by the woman he loved, estranged from friends who supported him, isolated by a society for which he gave his life-blood, bereft of a sister of whom he was very fond and burdened with having to take care of his mother who has become mentally unstable, Prakasan is disillusioned.

The story of Prakasan’s life runs parallel to that of Karigurukkal who is dispatched to Puliyoorkunnu in order to relieve the ruler of fear and anxiety, and to relieve the ruled of mass hysteria. When he returns as Thondachan wearing tiger skin, custom required that his wife Vellachi should throw dirty water on his face and beat him with a broom. Only then will he get back his humanness. His wife fails to do this and he is condemned to return to the forests.[Synopsis]

This movie is serious, and combines drama, mythology and life in an excellent recipe which no award committee can ignore. Like how Suresh Gopi’s Kannan Perumalayan in Kaliyattam was immersed in Theyyam, Murali’s character is immersed in plays in this movie. Such combination of art in movies will defintely give an actor like Murali to showcase his talent.

Murali has done well as a supporting actor, but as a hero none of his movies have seen box office success. Probably none of us will ever see this movie too, unless you are in the award committee.


  1. Murali is a great actor. And am sure he would do justice to his role as Kaari Gurukkal.

    I wonder what happened to Priyan’s project with M.T. ‘s story.

  2. Murali is one of the most talented actors who didnt get good roles.As said Murali has excelled in so many movies..One of the best actors of malayalam cinema who talent went unutilised

  3. Murali along with Nedumudi Venu and Thilakan are the pride of Malayalm cinema. Whereas Venu does not have a shortage of offers, Tilakan is at loggerheads with virtually every hero in Malayalam, Murali’s presence is very little now-a-days.

  4. Hey Jo,

    I think Priyanandan’s movie “Athu Mandarapoovalla” was shelved because that old woman who was actually the central character in the short story died. That must have prompted him to can the project. Anyway, am eagerly waiting for Pulijanmam:)

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