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Few days back in our article, Mammotty oru vilapam we asked if by doing comedy and dance in all his movies, Mammotty is Kerala’s Rajnikanth. Mammotty is not really qualified to be Rajnikanth. If there is one man who has done the same style of movies one after the other, it is our middle-aged He Man Suresh Gopi.

All his movies have him fighting injustince, often by walking in slow motion. Then like how a spider catches it’s prey, he stuns them into silence with strong dialogues. If they are still alive, he finishes them with a gun.

The nice thing about Suresh Gopi movies are that you could walk into a movie half way through and not miss anything. And if you are feeling bad that you missed the first half, his next release would be around the corner. The actor tried to get out of this image by acting in Lanka, but somehow it sank like Atlantis. Now he has decided to stick to what he does best and so comes another movie off the conveyor belt.

George Tharian is the son of Elizabeth Mammen, firebrand political leader of yester years. It is not surprising therefore that he becomes a politician himself. Known to friends simply as GT, he has a clean image, and has the interests of the State at heart. He becomes the Industries Minister and embarks upon a spate of reforms. But this creates disquiet among his colleagues and open resentment among his opponents who are out to destroy his political career. They level a series of corruption charges against him.

Hurt by the malicious manipulations of his own party men, he resigns in a huff. But GT is not one to take things lying down. He uses innovative methods to bring his opponents to book. More than the politician, it is the technocrat in him that comes to the fore. In the end GT has the last laugh. [Synopsis]

So an industries minister resigns on the basis of a sexual allegation and comes back to prove he is innocent. Sounds familiar? Some folks think this story of former minister Kunjalikutti is produced by himself.

It was only few weeks that Suresh Gopi’s Rashtram was released in which he played a politician. We don’t know if people would want to see yet another Suresh Gopi as politician movie. In Rashtram he was Chief minister, in Pathaka he’s industries minister, that’s vareity and experimentation for Suresh Gopi.

The screenplay is done by Robin Thirumala. One of his previous works is script for Saivar Tirumeni.The movie is directed by K.Madhu, who made all the CBI Series films. He is a good craftsman and knows to make a tight film keeping good suspense.

This film does not have Mamta Mohandas, so only die-hard Suresh Gopi fans and students learning English might see it. Probably Kunjalikutti too.


  1. What is the point in blaming the actors for not doing different roles and being stereotype when the directors/ story writers cannot come up with variety / different themes.. There was a time when we could be proud of the strory lines we had in malayalam movies. The movies which come today is a mockery of the public and the actors intelligence and acting skills. Well, for the actors “acting” is their bread and butter so why blame them.

  2. Kavitha,

    Recently we read an interview of Sunil, he acted as the Police Inspector in 4 the People, in which he says that he was swamped with police roles after the success of 4 the People. He turned it down as he did not want to be type cast. So if a struggling and up coming actor can be choosy, what’s wrong with Suresh Gopi. Is it the Make Hay while sun shines mentality …? We think that Suresh Gopi doesn’t care what role he’s doing as long as he gets paid.

    Look at the following movies – Rasathanthram, Thanmatra, Kaazcha, Chanthupottu, Achan Urangatha Veedu, and Ananthabhadram. Their stories are new, creative and different. So actually directors/story writers are able to come up with new themes, so please don’t blame them.

    An actor like Suresh Gopi could stay away for four years without acting, so it is not really “bread and butter” for him. When he decided to do a come back, what does he do? Yet another police movie. He could have used this time to shed the old image and be more versatile. Look at how Mammotty has re-invented himself shedding his limitations.

    There are talented script writers like Ranjith, Ranjan Pramod, Benny P Naryambalam etc still around. We would blame the actor for still agreeing to act in monotonous roles

  3. VC

    Mamooty has reinvented himself ? It is a torture to sit through his movies now. Hasnt he degraded himself by trying to do roles where he dances around and tries comedy in vain not to mention acting with heroines less than half his age. We in kerala prided ourselves in intelligent cinema compared to tamil, but seems to follow the same path.

  4. Kavitha,

    While you find Mammotty’s films are a torture now, a vast majority disagrees with you. Rajamanikyam is the top grossing film in Malayalam history.

    Mammotty has not degraded himself by doing Rajamanikyam. He is an actor and has to try all types of roles, not just serious ones. We have a problem with him doing similar roles one after the other, like what Suresh Gopi is doing. We also wrote about it in an article titled “Mammotty: Oru Vilapam”.

    We cannot accept that Kerala prides itself on intelligent movies. This is the same state which makes mimicry movies and shakeela movies which are not at all intelligent. Some movies are good, some are bad. We cannot outrightly say we are much better than Tamil.

    In fact, right now, we don’t have a film maker of the stature of Mani Ratnam. Nowadays Tamil movies like Kakka Kakka, Ghajini etc. stand out with their superior technical skills. Even a simple movie like Kana Kanden and Chittiram Pesuthadi are well executed.

  5. VC – I fully support Suresh Gopi in not being choosy about his roles. His is a class case of “Beggars cannot be choosers”.

    He already ran into financial problems during the 4-5 years when he was out of the industry – in fact he remarked in the Indiavision interview that there were certain forces who didnt want him to do well.

    Lets face facts. He has a big family (around 5 kids if i am not wrong) to feed. He needs money and so he acts. He’s not exactly doing Shakeela type movies is he? When an actor like dileep does a lot of stereotyped roles (wooing the heroine – 99% case Kavya, dancing in Pollachi/abroad), few people complain. Why is it that people have double standards for Suresh Gopi?

    Lets not talk about the standard of malayalm movies now – even though exceptions like Thanmaathra and Achan Urangaatha veedu are there. Majority of the movies are masala types. Suresh Gopi’s also falls in the same category.

    Hes just trying to do well and the tide is in his favour. Despite his movies not being hits, producers still are going for him. Its his turn to have his spot under the sun and he fully deserves it.

  6. See in the end no actor would love to sit at home and its the producer and director who decides and they go with the trend and the actors do succumb
    to it since its a money making venture in the end..

  7. Suraj, sometimes actors break the trend by producing movies which no one else is willing to make, like how Mohanlal did Vanaprashtam or Dileep did Kathavaseshan. Then these are exceptions and there is always this unsaid goal of winning an award as the motivation behind such motives.

  8. Unni,

    After Bharathchandran IPS, Suresh Gopi had a chance to be selective to do meaningful roles.
    By choosing the route which almost ended the career last time around,he is accelerating the end of his career. It looks as if his intention is to grab as many roles as possible before his career meet its inevitable end.

    We agree that Dileep’s movies have regular features like Kavya/Siby-Uday/dance abroad. But he’s at least trying to have different subjects for his movies.

    Most of the movies of suresh Gopi have him as Police or Politician roles. His movies are released back to back often competing with each other or giving company to each other while going down in box-office.

  9. Act the prob with the malayalees are they get bored quite soon..not the case with other states..Rajnikant movies are still one and the same ones and still these are usually a box office winners..The mallus do hate monotonous work for instance just see how much time it took for mohanlal to shed his image his only big hits in those supernatural image were Narasimham,Aaaran thamburan but after that many movies were released none being big hits..

  10. I saw the movie, it sucks.

  11. I dont live in Kerala so i don’t get to watch all movies.regarding Suresh Gopi, I don’t understand why people generalize him being monotonous. If we look at his career,his ‘police + politician’ cinemas made more money than other kinds. Poor guy tries to act in a different role (Lanka)there it goes… its a flop according to boxoffice. So I think the public likes to see him in police roles. I like Suresh Gopi and I think he is an excellent actor given the chance. If the stories are different then I don’t see anything wrong in seeing him as police officers. The again story and screenplay matters. As far his movies being “english classes”…Suresh Gopi does not write his own dialogues.
    If a movie needs to be successful then its needs a good story,finished script and screenplay, a director who knows what he/she is doing and then comes actors and we lack that in most movies. No movie ever became a hit because a certain actor acted in it…atleast in malayalam cinema.

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