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Review Roundup: Rashtram

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One after another, Suresh Gopi movies are released in regular monotony. No one seems to care about the results of these movies. Here’s few reviews of Rashtram, another political potboiler. writes:

During the first half of the film, the character of Thommichan reminds you of several films with political overtones having Mohanlal in the lead, twirling his moustache and taking on bureaucrat criminals, as well as characters played by Gopi himself in films like Lelam and Pathram. Watching how the character develops in the second half where Gopi brings the crooks to books, the average movie buff can tell that Anil C Menon drew his inspiration from Shankar’s Muthalvan in Tamil or Nayak in Hindi.

Sify Writes:

He stops the speeding truck, takes a dynamite stick and throws it… BLAST! This dramatic entry of Suresh Gopi is enough for his fans to go delirious. Due to certain circumstances forced by his father, Thommy later becomes the Kerala Chief Minister! The way he takes on the bureaucracy is a straight lift from Shankar’s Muthalvan. He believes in the ideologies of Che Guvera the legendary revolutionary and Mahatma Gandhi and cleans up the augean stable of Kerala’s corrupt communal politics. How Tommy does all this single-handedly forms the rest of the story leading to a long drawn out climax.

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