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In 1999, in the movie Vasanthiyum Lakshmiyum Pinne Njanum, Kalabhavan Mani gave a sterling performance as a blind man. Every one expected him to win the award for this performance, but Mohanlal won the award for Vanaprastham. Hearing the news Mani fainted. Mimicry is not acting according to the award committe.

In 2005, Salim Kumar acted in Achanurangatha Veedu, in a role which did not require him to fall into cow dung. There were expectations of an award, but Mohanlal took the award for Thanmatra and Salim Kumar had to settle for the second best actor.

Comedian turned aspiring superhero Dileep came up with another trick. Get an award director to direct a serious depressing story. The output was Kathavaseshan which glorified suicides. Kerala has the higest suicide rate in India and this movie too did not win Dileep any awards as probably the jury members who saw it committed suicide.

Now Harisri Asokan and Director Vinayan have got it all figured out. In Thanamatra Mohanlal acted in a full monty scene and maybe that could also have influenced the award. In Vinayan’s new movie Athisayan, Harisri Asokan is acting in a full monty scene. (Sorry, we know that mental image will haunt you).

With this act, Harisri Asokan, who previously was in stiff competition with Salim Kumar for the most irritating comedian is now in competition with Suresh Gopi in Lanka for the most scary hairy guy on screen. (Also in serious competition is Taradas’s wig).

PS: Censor board is considering a new rating called A++ for such male nudity movies.

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