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Preview: Balram vs Taradas



Usually when movies are released on DVD, there is a separate disc which tells the details about making the movie. If such a DVD were to be released for Balram vs Taradas, the special disc would have more material than the original movie.

This movie was originally set to release during Republic Day. Then it was postponed to March 9th. Then it was postponed again. Hopefully it will be released this Friday.

The reasons for postponement range from various difference of opinions between the star and the director and the producer. Should a song be filmed in London? Should the Mammotty with the wig speak in a different voice? These were the existential questions the film makers were trying to grapple with.

The movie is something different for characters from two different movies are coming together for the first time in Malayalam movies. Inspector Balram from Avanazhi meets Taradas from Athirathram. The director and the script writers are also from the same team – I. V.Sasi and T.Damodaran. They have also roped in S.N.Swami to co-write this thriller.

The last movie made by I.V.Sasi was the terrible Symphony, in which he inflicted his daughter on us. Even though the movie had terrific music by Deepak Dev, the movie was a violation of human rights and will be used only for torturing criminals. Probably the last movie of his which was excellent was Devasuram.

The multi-colored and multi-faceted Mammootty plays both Balram and Taradas. Currently Mammootty is on a roll. Actually he has been on a roll since 2005. He’s in a phase of career in which he can’t do anything wrong. He’s an actor who does the police roles the best, so that takes care of the half of the cast’s performance and for the rest of the cast there’s Mammooty with the wig and Katrina Kaif. We don’t expect much from these two. Probably the wig will get more attention than Ms. Kaif.

There has been dozen of movies with cop-underworld stories and it’s a well beaten theme. This movie’s uniqueness is that cop and underworld don are played by the same actor and that these two characters are from two different succesful movies. T.Damodaran, one of the writers, if he’s in form, might spice up the story with current political affairs and recent real life underworld stories. But the problem is that he’s out of form for a while. Last movie he did was Kalapaani. The other writer, S.N.Swami, is known for his CBI series, investigative stories. We expect this movie to have all the ingredients of movies of this genre including guns,speedboats, fast car chases.

The music of the film is by Jassie Gift and the two songs bear his signature. The first song Mathapoo is very peppy with orchestration similar to Lajjavathiye. The second song Neelathakadam sung by Yesudas is much decent, except towards then end where there is a reggae signature which actually sounds like a goat giving birth.

This expensive movie is produced by Liberty Basheer. There are lot of expectations about this movie, and this movie has to be in theatres for a long time for Mr.Bashir to recover costs.

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