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Mammootty: Oru Vilapam



Lately Mammooty is riding on a wave of hits. It has never been this good for the 56 year old actor in his 26 year career. What would you think the thrice national award winner would do at the this stage of his career?

As an actor, Mammootty has his strengths, and he has his weaknesses. It’s usual and natural for an actor, or for that matter any professional, to use one’s strengths to perform better. In the past Mammootty had attempted and failed miserably when he tried to address his alleged weaknesses, comedy, in movies like Sreedharante Onnam Thirumurivu.

On the wake of string of successes he had recently, Mammootty has set on a path to disprove all the perceived weaknesses surrounding him. It started with Thommanum Makkalum. In that movie we saw him trying to wear colorful dresses and attempting comedy half heartedly, and trying to dance. The movie was a success.

He tried similar things in Thaskaraveeran. Then came Rajamanickyam, the biggest grosser in Malayalam movie history. It will also go down in history as Mammootty’s first succesful comedy attempt. Emboldened by Rajamanickam’s success, Mammootty went on to do Thuruppugulan, in which he tried to do comedy as well as dance.

A while back Mohanlal was in a similar universe, donning superman roles all the time. With the success of Devasuram, in movie after movie like Aaram Thampuran and Narasimham, his contribution to Kerala were one liners like Savari Girigiri and Entha Mone Dinesha. Success had Suresh Gopi repeating police roles in every other movie teaching English to Malayalees.

Luckily for Mohanlal, with the successes of Tanmathra and Rasathantram, he could concentrate on presenting normal human beings on screen. Mammootty on tasting success, in post Thommanum Makkalum period, is trying to stick to winning formula, like Rajnikanth or Vijay.

While Mammootty is going on disproving his detractors, we wonder, if he’s noticing, the steady decline in the choice and quality of his movies. We would like to have a movie like Rajamanickyam as an occasional aberration rather than as monotonous regularity. it’s sad to see this actor demeaning himself acting in such inane roles at the pinnacle of his career.


  1. Yeah i think the success of a single movies play a large role in the coming movies to come,i think mammooty has got stuck in this sort of comedy (movies with no stories)image….So its better he sheds it as soon as possible else he wud ve to go thru the same phase as mohanlal..

  2. i am not fully agree with this comment. 2-3 films like this in a year is OK. that was actually mammootty doing. this year only TGulan and another film will be this type. other films like Prajapathi, Onam release are diff type. I think malayalam film industry wake-up by maammootty films.

  3. Mammootty had attempted comedy in “Nandi, Veendum Varika”, which in my opinion was a success. He was comical in the first half, but turns serious in the second half.

    I recently saw Rayamanickam, screened by our local movie club ( I did not like the movie at all, but I liked Mammotty in it. He was different, and he was really flexible

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