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Top 10 Comedy Movies – Part 2


As part of our 100th post celebrations we are having a two part series on the Top 10 Comedy movies of our times. Part 1 of this was posted yesterday. This is co-written by guest contributor Unni.

6. Vellanakalude Naadu – Priyan’s best realistic comedy with Mohanlal. Lal played a road contractor, C Pavithran Nair who tries his best to get a few contracts done – by hook or by crook, but in vain. The movie delved deep into the problems faced by contractors who struggle to do justice to their jobs but the system working against them. The scenes were Lal oversees the tarring and the one where he tries to bribe the Road Inspector were easily the best.

Shobana played Lal’s heroine – Radha, the collector, who after initially opposing him, eventually falls in love. Lal was ably supported by Kuthiravattom Pappu, Jagadish and Maniyanpilla Raju.

Notable one-liners: Lal praying to SreeKrishnan: Krishnaaa..Thozhilaalikalodu kooli korachu chodikkan parayoo krishnaa; Ippo Sheriakki tharaam (Pappu repairing the road roller

7. Chintavishtayaa Shyamala: After a hiatus of 9 years, Sreenivasan once again donned the director’s role once again in this family comedy – this time the focus on husbands who while being extremely lazy, are out to make a quick buck to support their family. Once again he played the protagonist – Vijayan Maash – who gave up his teacher job to try his luck in a number of jobs like directing an ad-movie.

While being chastised by one and all for his lack of responsibilities, he decides to turn a new-leaf by being spiritual instead. Sangeetha, played Shyamala, his silently suffering wife.

Notable one-liners: Sreeni while directing the ad for Parimala soap – “Start Actionnn Cuttu“. There’s another one where he asks “Shyaame..nee economics padichittundo“.

8. GandhiNagar 2nd Street – Playing a Nepali Gurkha in disguise – Ram Singh, son of Bheem Singh – Mohanlal brought the house down once again with his superb comedy. “Ram Singh” was the newly appointed watchman for GandhiNagar 2nd Street. Sukumari played the patronising secretary of the association.

Sreenivasan was Sethu’s (Lal’s real name in the movie) friend Madhavan who after repeated attempts to “escape” from his friend, finally lands him a job as watchman for the colony. Lal was ably supported by Sreenivasan. Karthika played his lady-love. The film also saw Mammotty in a guest role and Seema doing a cameo as a kintergarden school teacher.

Notable one-liners: ‘Mein Bheem Singh ka beta Ram Singh Hoom…Hai…Hoom’

9. Varavelpu: In this Sathyan Anthikkad movie, Mohanlal played a gulf returnee who wants to start a business. After analyzing various options, he starts a bus service and gets Innocent as the driver and Jagadeesh as the kili.

He gets into a dispute with his employees and soon the labor leader played by Murali starts threatening him. Finally he is broke and when his family knows that he has run out of money, they also abandon him.

This movie was an excellent satire on the state of affairs in Kerala due to the excellent work done by the labor unions.

10. Sanmasullavarku Samadhanam: In this Sathyan Anthikkad movie, written by Srinivasan, Mohanlal played a landlord trying to sell his house he had rented to Karthika and family. Since they refuse to vacate he has to resort to various techniques, all of which fail miserably.

Finally he starts staying in the house and creates lot of trouble like jumping into the bathroom and preventing Karthika from taking a bath and going to her office and harassing her. Karthika then calls her uncle, Thilakan, who is associated with the Bombay underworld. He and his goondas get beaten up by Mohanlal.

Karthika then enlists the help of a police inspector played by Srinivasan. He agrees to help her, but also falls for her. In one classic scene, he invites her to a park and when she starts explaining her problem, he breaks into Pavizhamalli Poothulanja Neela Vaanam which has been immortalized by mimicry artistes.

Notable Dialogues: Kakki kuppayathil oru kavi hridayam undu, oru kalakaaran undu, oru gayakan undu


  1. The common thing about all these movies is that they are either scripted or directed by Srinivasan

  2. One scene from Varavelppu that I was ROTFLd was when Murali (union leader) comes to Lal’s house at night to talk to him and when Lal comes Murali goes to the yard (mentioning he needs to talk) then Lal closes the door (thiking Murali is leaving) and goes back inside. 🙂

  3. i think some more movies comes to my mind such as peruvannapurathe visheshangal

    Jagathys dialogues of papettan venda pappan madhi..

    Then there is ponmutaidunna tharavu

    Then there is godfather..

    with notable dialogues kozhappamaayi enna thonanna frm mukesh and many more such as mazhavil kavadi..
    but these wud be the best 10 only i think peruvanna shd ve made to it..

  4. hey how bout starting a poll …it wud be great if u could do it and see which movies get the highest votes…i dont know if it cud be done or not…?? but tht wud be the best way wht u think…

    Also some more

    Polling on best scenes in malayalam movie

  5. There is a small correction in the write up about Varavelpu, Jagadeesh plays the role of a Conductor and not Kili as mentioned in the write-up! The role of Kili was played by Mamukoya.
    Another interesting character in this movie was the role of “Brake inspector” played by Sreenivasan! One interesting dialog of Mohanlal in this movie is “Athinu nammude brakinu prashnam onnum ilallo!” which he make while Sreenivasan stops the bus for inspection the very first time!
    The role of Revati was also brilliant. This movie really highlights the “good job” done by the Trade unions and greedy politicians of the state!

  6. Binai,

    Thanks. It is more than a decade since we saw this movie and it was all written from memory.

  7. I think Poochakkoru mookkuthi and Godfather should make the list as well.

  8. Well compiled list. Not only were all the movies totally hilarious, but they either portrayed or made use of real state of affairs, of the time.

    Also, ‘In Harihar Nagar’ was left out by everyone altogether, though it was just comedy for comedy sake. 😀 It was a laugh riot.

  9. I think even ponnu muta idune tazhavu was pretty good, ignore the spelling mistakes, i am not that good at typing malayalam in english, and was too lazy to search for the movies name on google. By the way thats again by Sreenivasan…

  10. Infact Varavelppu was even recognised at the international level where our former Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee made a mention regarding this film portraying how difficult it is for the NRI’s(esp.Gulf employees) coming over here and starting a new endeavour. Hats off to Mohan Lal-Sreenivasan-Sathyan Anthikad team.

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