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Top 10 Comedy Movies – Part 1


For our 100th post, we have a two part series on the Top 10 comedy movies of Malayalam cinema by co-written by Guest contributor Unni. The list of movies is in no particular order. The second part of this series will be published tomorrow.

1. Vadakkunokki Yanthram: A short dark Sreenivasan marries a taller, fair Parvathi and he gets suspicious that she does not love him. The movie starts with a letter Thalathil Dineshan (Sreenivasan) is writing to the doctor in a Ma magazine. When Parvathi says that she likes Mohanlal because he is funny, Sreenivasan mugs up jokes from Phaithabindukkal, jumps over the wall and tells it to her with a serious face.

This movie was Sreenivasan’s directorial debut and he made it classy with some outragerous scenes, like living in a lodge next to his house to keep an eye on his wife and applying lot of powder on his face to look fair. The scene where he practices the dialogue for his first night had tear rolling our eyes due to laughter.

Notable dialogue: Chayakkada aanennu thettidharichu barbershop-il kayariya vridhhanodu barber. Achan eppol vannu (after knocking Parvathi’s father with an olakka), Nilavilakkinte aduthu karivilakku vechathu pole undu

2. Thalayana Manthram: Kanchana, was the typical Malayali housewife – from a middle-class background, but always wanting to show off in front of her neighbours. Urvasi, as Kanchana, showed why shes easily the best comedy actress in Malayalam. Sreeni, played Kanchana’s meek husband, Sukumaran. Jayaram and Parvathi were the other characters However Thalayanamathram will be best remebered as Uravasi’s movie.

Notable dialogues: Kanchana: “Sukuvetta..ini nammade makkal Sukuvettane acha ennu vilikkilla” Sukumaran: “eh.ayyo” Kanchana: “Avar ini Sukuvettane daddy ennu vilikkum”.

3. Nadodikattu: Story of two unemployed youths, Dasan and Vijayan who, after repeated attempts to do well at home, look to strike gold in the Gulf, only to land up in Madras instead. This Sathyan Anthikad movie can easily be called as the benchmark for clean humor in malayalm cinema. Mohanlal and Sreenivasan brought the house down with their comedy and paraveppU.

Characters like Pavanayi-the killer from Kanjagad, Anathan Nambiar – the underworld don and Kovil Venkatesan – the Kalainjar look-alike, will remain etched forever in the Malayali minds. The huge success of Nadodikattu resulted in parts 2 and 3 – Pattanapravesham and Akkare Akkare Akkare – both were hits at the Box Office

Notable One-liners – “Pavanaayi Shavamaayi“; “Ellathinum athintethaya samayavum sthalavum undu daasa; “Oru joli kittiyittu venam leave edukkan” and so many more.

4. Ramji Rao Speaking: One did not expect much from a movie, directed by two assistants of a veteran. Siddique and Lal, didnt just meet people’s expectations, they exceeded it. Unlike most movies, this one did not feature any superstars. However the trio of Mannar Mathai (Innocent), Gopalakrishnan(Mukesh) and Balakrishnan (Sai Kumar) endeared themselves to the Malayalees.

They were ably supported by Ramji Rao, played by Vijayaraghavan and Hamsakoya by Mamukoya. Ramji Rao also marked the debut of Rekha. Its hit prompted a sequel – “Mannar Mathai Speaking”.

Notable One-liners: Mathayi chettan undo, Mone Balakissnnaaa, Ningal moonu peryum iratta pettathano

Mathai: Entha ninte vishamam?

Balakrishnan: Ente peru Balakrishnan

Mathai: Atha ninte vishamam?

5. Kilukkam: The veteran of slapsticks, Priyadarshan, teamed up with Mohan lal and Jagathi to produce an end-to-end comedy, with Ooty as backdrop. The tourist guide – Joji played by Lal and the “still photographer” Nischal, thought that their fortunes would take a turn for the better, when Nandini Thampuratti (Revathi) landed in Ooty. Sadly that was not to be. Superb comedy-timing by Lal and Jagathi, along with melodious music and the scenic Ooty, saw Kilukkam become a mega hit at the box office

Notable One-liners: “Main aur Joji jhagda-jhagda“, “Onnugil ooty allengil chatti“, “Njaan singapore poye ninakku 500 order aayi ayachu tharaam“.

Part 2 of this series will be published tomorrow. If you think a movie should be in this list, please leave a comment with your reasons.


  1. “Avar ini Sukuvettane daddy ennu vilikkum”

    Hilarious! I think this is the post that I have enjoyed the most so far from your team. Yes, Urvashi is and was a wonderful actress. Too bad film makers today are so talent lacked that they can’t make characters that can be essayed well by this actress.

  2. GREAT TOPIC of discussion. How about Gandhi Nair 2nd Street?? The dynamic duo of Sreenevas and Mohanlal strike again!!

  3. My personal choice of comedy artists in Malayalam cinema would be as follows

    1. Jagathi/Sreenivasan – too close to call
    2. Mohan Lal
    3. Mukesh

    Amongst actresses it has to be the sisters

    1. Urvashi
    2. Kalpana

  4. Marvellous compilation! By and far the best I have read in this blog! I was smiling (or rather Laughing) as I read through the post. The compilation was marvellous and am looking forward to the second part!

  5. According to me, the best comedy movie I have seen is “Godfather”. It was one hell of a movie.. I still remember the introduction of Innocent in the movie..
    Innocent is at his office offering pujas to Hanuman and his father calls him. Innocent’s assistant takes the call and informs him that he has a call and Innocent responds, “Aarude ammey kettiya cheguthanada villikunna??”, when he gets on the phone his father says back “Nintey ammey kettiya cheguthanada”.. That was hillarious…

    One small request, I know you people will not do that, but for peace of my mind, please donot include any of the current Dileep’s movies in the name of comedy movies in the list… That will be an insult to the film industry, which can boast that it has more comedy movies than any other Indian film industry!!

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  7. Unnikrishnan,

    As you can see there are no Dileep movies in our list. This was not intentional for we liked Meesha Madhavan a lot. But any movie written by Sreenivasan tops it all and hence most our Top 10 movies have some association with Sreenivasan.

  8. Nadodikattu. Haha.
    Akkare Akkare Akkare is equally good.
    Paul Barber. 😀

    One killer dialogue in Nadodikattu is :
    When Dasan and Vijayan take home a couple of cows, someone asks them
    ‘Naalaalum koodi engotta?’

  9. Akkare Akkare Akkare was the best of the lot 😀

    lal – “Oho Appol nee aanalley Paul Barber?”
    Sreeni (in pain) – “Ninda achhan aada Paul Barber”

    Sreeni is undoubtedly the best story writer in Indian cinema

  10. A lot of people trashed Akkare Akkare, calling it slapstick..but somehow it remains my favorite of the 3..Maybe because it had an ensemble of comedy from people like Soman (Krishnan Nair), Nedumudi Venu (Sivadasa Menon), Raju (Gopi from Sasthamangalam) and Mukesh (Surendran from Pattathanam).

    The best scenes are the ones before they depart for America – the one where Sreeni falls on Lal’s feet and asks him also to be taken along – “Meen Aviyal” and all..Also the scene at the departure lounge and their arrival at American Airport..Hilarious stuff really.

    Those days..sigh!!

  11. Seriously.. Those days.. sigh!!


    AAA is not at all slapstick. Those two guys are very dignified when they do comedy. No sticking the tongue out, generally falling down and wincing in pain, peeling a banana and pushing it up their noses.. all those are slapstick. But M and S are way more dignified.. The innocence in their faces.. Ammmmmaaaaaaaaa.. give me a time machine.. 😀

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  13. Hey I need some help identifying the movie where Mohan Lal is actually Srinivasan’s chauffeuer but role reverses when Srinivasan wants to be incognito when going to meet a prospective bride. Dialogues I remember include” “How many miles from NewYork to SanFrancisco? Miles and miles…”, “Americayil evida thamasam? Junction il”.. Let me know if anyone remembers the movie title. Thanks

  14. Atl its mazha peyunnu madhalam kotunnu

  15. it actually goes like this

    how many kilometres from washington junction to miami beach

    kilometres and kilometres …..

  16. 1. In Harihar Nagar
    2. Chakkikotta Changaran
    3. Ramji Rao Speaking
    4. Boeing Boeing
    5. Poochakoru Mookutti
    6. Chitram
    7. First Bell
    8. Toovalsparsham
    9. Vadakku Nokki Yantram
    10. Killukkam

    • My Favorite comedy movies

      1- Panjabi House
      2- pandippada
      3- Puthukottayilai puthumanavalan
      4- Parakkum Thalika
      5- Pattabhishekam
      6- Pattana Prevesham
      7- panchavadipalam
      8- Pocochakkoru mookuthi
      9- Pavam Pavam Rajakumaran
      10-Pappan Priyapetta pappan

      All movie name starting with alphabet ‘P’

  17. There are more I want to add. “Puthukkottayile Puthu Manavalan”

  18. I thought one of the best lines in Naadodikkaattu was the line continuing from “Pavanaayi Shavamaayi” Thilakan goes on (may not be verbatim): “Enthokke behalam aayirunnu. machine gun, malappuram kaththi, olakkaide moodu…!”

  19. Maha,

    Certainly, that line is still there in memory and even now we use it a lot in casual conversation when something flops miserably. Thilakan was perfect was Ananthan Nambiar.

  20. Hi all
    I am in a search of comedy movies and that bring me here…I want to suggest one more movie”Chathikkatha Chanthu” ,a very very nice movie…By Rafi-mecartin..

    Some dialouges like ” vasumathi..athu mathi…
    scene Janrdhanan and Jayasurya
    And anothr innocent comment ” Police karu vannathu raathriyila…iruttayathu karanam enne kandillaa…
    that man was really having a dark complexion…

    somny things to laugh……

  21. Hi Guys,
    Do you think Malayalam films are far ahead in comedy movies considering Indian Cinema. Do you think the best comedy movies in India are made in Malayalam? I feel so. Hindi movies except Priyan movies hve comedy but the standard is much low.
    Tamil comedy movies mainly focus on event based comedy.

  22. yes i definately agree with renjiths comment,,,,,
    malayalam cinema is really doing well
    infact the best comedy movies can be found in malayalam film industry

  23. Oh yea, haven’t seen any black comedies from Malayalam cinema recently, I mean like 10 years or so…

    except for like Udayananu Tharam, which I thought was OK.

    Most of the films in this top 10 list are from the 80s.
    And a few from the 90s, with one from the late 90s- a period when
    Malayalam cinema started going downhill

  24. hi frndz….,
    I think lalettan- sreeni-jagathy trio can be named as the leaders of malayalam comedy.
    who can forget the movies like CHITHRAM ,KILUKKAM,MINNARAM ,DASAN-VIJAYAN SERIES, and above all UDAYANANU THAARAM………..
    the facial expressions of jagathy & sreeni is the most superb among them…..

  25. yes!Mal cinema was easily the best in Indian cinema when it comes to comedy, though ofcourse i don’t mean about the present day comedies(ie in last 8-10 years) at all.It was,as the list says ,the movies of the 80s to about mid-90s that gave us those great comedies,which were not just comedies alone but really great movies (though those days mal movies of all genres were well ahead of movies of any other industry..easily world class)
    Again sigh…..

  26. What abt Aram+Aram Kinnaram? Jagathy+Mohanlal+Innocent+Shankar+Sreenivasan+Maniyanpilla Raju……..does it get better than this?

    Car engine….out completely……

    Josephe…..kuttikku malayalam ariyaaam…

    panchar ottikkan vannavante engine oori eduthalloda….:)

  27. I would rate siddique-lal movies ahead on top of the list bcoz of the perfection in timing and dialogue delevery. their debut film ramjirao speaking stays on top followed by Godfather, vietnam colony, in harihar nagar and Kabooliwala.
    if you consider the overall theme of the film I would rate vadakkunokki yanthram, manichithrathazhu and thalayanamanthram as classic comedy films.
    priyadarshan’s kilukkam and Thenmavin kombathu also to be mentioned. the later deserves mention for its different way of treatment..
    nadodikattu was also a good comedy film followed by pattanapravesham.

    i dont think akkare akkare akkare deserves any credit more than a makeover film. nor any of the mentioned newer generation films like puthukkottayile puthumanavalan or chathikkatha chandu.

    Some of the newer generation films have glimpses of classic comedy, but cannot be considered as full time comedy movies..

    My Ratings
    1. Ramji Rao Speaking
    2. God Father
    3. Vadakkunokki yanthram
    4. Thenmavin kombathu
    5. Vietnam Colony
    6. Thalayana Manthram
    7. Kilukkam
    8. In Harihar Nagar
    9. Nadodikattu
    10. Kabooliwala

  28. Wht about Manichithrathazhu…???

  29. Vinu I dnt think Kabooliwala fits in that list.I think there are many other films that can take its place.Rest 9 are good.

  30. can any one name the movie in which there are four male friends studying in a of them loves a collage girl of their collage.he disguises as a cute girl and lives in the hostel of the heroine.finally he receives miss collage award.but while wearing crown his wig fell off.

  31. Namaskaaram!

    The list has movies from another era altogether.

    Would somebody like to share their most liked comedy movies of the 21st century?

    Let me start ….

    1. Meeshamadhavan
    2. Hariharnagar 2

  32. One of my favourite malayalam comedy movie is “Sandhesam”.
    Innocent:Arrey peene ko nariyal ka paani lao naa.
    Party member:Naari ennu vecha strhi enna artham.
    Mamukoyaa:Sthri nahin!!!!.

    Polandine petti mindi pokarutthu,poland entha iyalude tharavattu swatho???

  33. Some movies will make you laugh and cry simultaneously… like varavelpu, vellanakalude naadu, Chithram, Thaalavattam,.. its pity to say that the recent films are just like mimicry shows mainly due to jerks who knows only mimicry …. can you give a movie which is belongs to the class of the movies of past…

  34. hey nice post….hear is my fav comedy movies 1. In harihar nagar 2.nadodikattu 3. kilukam 4. Godfather 5. Vietnam coloney 6. Ramji rao speaking 6. Boing Boing 7. Sandesham 8. Yodha 9. Mazha peyunnu madhalam kottunnu 10. Puchakyoru mukkuthi…… fav comedy actor is mukesh….n thn ofcrse innocent jegathy pappu n nw salim kumar

  35. 1 boying boying
    2 gandhi nagar 2nd street
    3 nadodikkattu
    4 pattana pravesam
    5 akkare akkare
    6 chitram
    7 kilukkam
    8 viatnam colony
    9 thenmavin kombathu
    10 vandanam
    these are my favourite comody movies

    1 thuruppu gulan
    2 bhargava charitham
    3 golandara varthakal
    4 love in singappur
    5 chattambi nadu
    6 pokkiri raja
    7 raja manikyam
    8 daddy cool
    8 annan thambi
    9 mayavi
    10 thammanum makkalum
    in this films some of the movies are not a comody oriented.but the presentation of mammutys comedy are too boring.there is no natural comedy they are the type of tamil andra model comedys.he has no flexibility

  36. Panchavadi palam;
    ponmuttayidunna tharavu (oduvil is super!);
    Vadakkunokiyanthram (Sobhakku pedindo ?);
    ….. a long list of Sreenivasan movies.

  37. Nadodikattu
    Pavam Pavam Rajkumaran
    Vadakkunokki Yanthram
    Pattana Pravesham
    Akkare Akkare Akkare
    Vellanakalude Naadu
    Mazha Peyunnu Madhalam Kottunnu
    Poochakkoru Mookkuthi

    Maybe its just me but i did enjoy Pachakuthira.
    Sreenivasan’s part in Megham was memorable. (Thumba Rocket)

    welcome tshirts
    COLLECTION Category Paul Barber

  38. Its a nice list above. But there are some movies earlier than that which were great comedies with a message. One of them is Panchavadi Paalam, which has Gopi. I would go on to add that Sandesham is the best comedy movie with a message ever made in India. My list would be as below :-

    1. Panchavadi Paalam
    2. Sandesham
    3. Vadakkunokki Yanthram
    4. In Harihar Nagar
    5. Thalayana Manthram
    6. Nadodi Kaatu
    7. Akkare Akkare Akkare
    8. Godfather
    9. Poochake Oru Mookothi
    10. Minnaram (Only for Jagathy scenes)

    Proud to be a Malayalee

  39. i want to know the filmz name in which hell and heaven is shown its a old movie very hilarious movie many comedy artists are there in that movie….

  40. leena – do you mean pappan priyapetta pappan

  41. @leena.. i think you are talking about pappan priyappetta pappan

  42. “PANCHAVADI PALAM ” is the only classic comedy movie ever made in Malayalam. Rest all are average some are really boring.

  43. My faourite Indian comedy movies are:-
    1. Janebhido Yaaro (Hindi)
    2. Panchavati Palam (Malayalam)
    3. Kalyanamam Kalyanam(Tamil)
    4. Pyar kiye jaa.(Hindi)
    5. Solleythan nineikkiren(Tamil)
    6. Ramji Rao Speaking(Malayalam)

  44. pls. don’t forget two other movies if you remember ;

    1. Akkare ninnoru maran

    2. oodaruthammava aalariyam

    Great watching these two movies..

  45. what is the film called where cochin haneefa acts with a korean actor

  46. the best malayalam homourous films
    3.ramji rao speakng
    4.chakkikkotha chankaran
    5.gandhinagar 2 nd street
    6.mazha peyyunu …
    7.akkare ninnore..
    16.pappan priyappetta..
    17.manu uncle
    18.kottayam kunjachan
    19.kalikkalam hariharnagar

  47. I do not understand how so many peopel can miss out on “Panchavadipalam”. It is the best political satire made in malayalam, some people say it is sandesham, but panchavadi palam actually gets one over “Sandesham”. Also, other movies like “vellanaalude nadu” is missoing from quite a few lists. My list would be something of this.

    1. Panchavadi Palam (Classic from K.G. George)
    2. Vadakkunokki Yanthram (Sreenivasan, do I say more)
    3. Sandesham (That genius again)
    4. Nadodikattu
    5. Vellanakulade Nadu
    6. Thalayana Manthram
    7. Chitram
    8. Ramji Rao Speaking
    9. Godfather

    Notable mentions
    1. Pattanapravesham
    2. In harihar nagar
    3. Mukundetta Sumitra vilikkunnu
    4. Pervannapurathe Visheshangal
    5. Kilukkam
    6. Midhunam
    7. Pavam Pavam Rajakumaran
    8. Mazha peyyunnu madhalam Kottunnu
    9. Mazhavil Kavady
    10. Meleparanmbil Aanveedu
    11. Dr. Pashupathy

  48. salt n pepper

  49. My choice of all time comedy favorites in alphabetical order because I am not sure which comes first because even mentioning these names make me laugh

    Aram + Aram Kinnaram
    Dhim Tharikida thom
    Malappuram Haji Mahanaya Joji
    Mazha peyyunu maddalam kottunnu
    Meesha madhavan
    Ponmuttayidunna tharavu
    Raja manikyam
    Sanmanassullavarkku samadhanam

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