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Score Card 4


down Renuka Menon: In her earlier days she cried when she had to kiss Kunchako Boban. Now she is running in wet clothes all over Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Very Classy.
down Jayaram: Even Mamta Mohandas could not save Madhuchandralekha. Looks like the chenda is going to get beaten up a lot more.
up Dileep: In January two Mammotty’s (Balram and Taradas) were supposed to take one Dileep head on. That did not happen. Now two Dileep’s (Pachakuthira) are taking on one Mammotty (Thuruppugulan) in March. Excellent fireworks for Vishu.
up Suresh Gopi: We lamented about the lack of historicals and here comes Suresh Gopi as Pazhassi Raja. This Pazhassi Raja will probably catch bullets with his hands and kill the British with his English.
up Jyothirmayi: Career not going well? Then get married and try some glamour. Actually just glamour alone would have worked.
down Mammotty: After Rajamanikyam, he tries gawdy clothes, song and dance, and heroine old enough to be his daughter in Thuruppugulan. Is he becoming Kerala’s own Rajnikanth?


  1. I love this score card that you do. How about add Mohanlal.. Deepak Dev.. Illayraja, Yesudas, 🙂

  2. Tony,
    We usually add entries in score card for the personalities in news now, When we have something interesting on the above personalities we’ll definitely add an entry.


  3. Just as we start talking about Mammooty stooping to low levels to play roles to gallery in Thuruppugilan, here in Prajapathy, we have him playing the best he has done over time and again, a strong and no nonsense middle aged man!! A vareity!!!

  4. Thuruppu Gulan was one of the worst movies of Mammootty. Worst than Thaskara Veeran. 🙂 But he has improved a lot when it comes to dance.

  5. The concept is good.The comments are good. But the UP & Down arrows appear to make no sense. What could make Renuka Menon showing glamour go DOWN and Jyothirmayi go UP? 🙂 Hope the arrows are not to symbolize writers state of mind or state of something else..

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