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RIP : KPAC Sunny

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kpac sunny

KPAC Sunny passed away on April 18th following an heart attack. He was 72. He was active in stage and he entered film world in 1970. KPAC Sunny has acted in more than 250 films.

He had worked in a number of theatre groups in the state such as Kalanilayam, KPAC, Attingal Desabhimani, National, Nalanda and Vayalar Natakavedi. He had also authored a play titled ‘Sneham Anaswaramanu’.

In cinema, Sunny made his debut in ‘Snehamulla Sofia’ (1970) directed by A.Vincent. He had bagged the Film Critics Award several times and the EPTA Award in 2005. [KPAC Sunny is dead.]

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  1. How can anyone forget his short yet masterpiece performance in “Sukhamo Devi” where he played Mohanlal’s brother…

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