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Review Roundup: Pacchakuthira

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We had great expectations since this was a Kamal movie. In our preview we wrote

This movie utilizes Dileep’s talent as an entertainer and with dollops of sentiments thrown in by writer TA Shahid, Ilayaraja’s music and Kamal’s direction, we think that this would be a good entertainer. Not to forget the aggressive marketing as is the case for all Dileep movies. Pachakuthira faces tough competition from Rasathanthram and Thuruppugulan but with all the right ingredients might come out as the winner.[Preview: Pachakuthira]

Turns out the double role was irritating, the comedy was pathetic, the music was forgettable and the story, uninteresting.

Sify writes

Dileep has a ridiculous make-up as Akash Menon and he hams in the role. Anandakuttan’s artificial moustache and painted face looks ridiculous. Ilayaraja’s music is a let down and the comedy scenes like Akash Menon creating havoc in the neighbour’s house and the brothers scaring Rajan.P.Dev in the night are all so silly and downright stupid that you squirm in your seats.

Gopika is wasted as Nimmi and Salim Kumar’s comedy is a pain. Yes, we expected much better film from Kamal-Dileep combination. On the whole, Pachakuthira is painfully slow (2 hours 42 minutes) and is totally predictable.

Paresh Palicha writes in Rediff

Sadly, when you come out of the theatre, your hopes are punctured. You feel they should have given something more to the character than just a look. This character of Akash Menon (Dileep) was believed to be the film’s USP, but he offers very little.The treatment given to Akash is a major letdown. Not only is he called names like Kangaroo and what not, but his characterisation endorses prejudices against the mentally challenged — that they are troublemakers, dangerous if left alone in public places. Such situations are used to induce humour.

Pachakuthira – Uninteresting proportions, writes IndiaGlitz

A film which boasted of a refreshing story lines, great and difficult double roles, the reunion of Dileep with his guru Kamal – much was hyped about Pachakuthira. But the whole film is a knotty demonstration of un aspiring exercises. In the Vishu assay of approval, Pachakuthiara will hardly hold the crowds for long.

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