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CID Moosa effect on Children


cid moosa

The sequel to Kilukkam titled Kilukkam Kilukilukkam was released recently. One reviewer wrote

But Kilukkam Kilukilukkam is almost a farce with mindless burlesque and silly caricaturing.In the event, the abiding feeling that you come out with is one of disappointment and also disgrace. The gaggle of comedians —- Jagathy, Innocent, Cochin Haneefa, Harisree Ashokan, Salim Kumar and the frontline actors — try their best. But the script doesn’t allow them to rise above the entrenched mediocrity. The script is to blame for that. And to see Mohanlal reduced to a caricature of himself is sad.

This movie became a big hit. The biggest audience was children below the age of 10, who liked the antics of the characters. A while back another film CID Moosa was released which was an insult to human intelligence. This movie was a super hit and many mothers have told us that their children are repeat audience for that movie.

When we were kids we used to run around the house, throw stones at mango trees of neighbours and read magazines like Poompatta or Balarama. We had to do all this because TV was not there. The only humorous programme those days were Kandathum Kettathum and Kauthuka Varthakal on radio.

We used to be wonderstuck by Kapeesh’s antics, Mayavi’s tricks and Shikari Shambu’s stupidity. In terms of movies, there were not many children’s movies we can remember. There was a movie called Ammuvinte Aatinkutti, which was mandatory viewing in our school. Then came My Dear Kuttichathan, which really fired up our imagination both due to the story and the 3-D special effects. Manu Uncle was probably the last movie made for children.

Movies made for children should be entertaining and should not contain violence, bad language, sexuality and should have a moral. They should not be very sentimental and be inspiring. Children’s movies can take them to fantasy world’s which tickle their imagination. Though the most popular children’s movies are animated ones, there can be live action films as well.

While India does not have Snow White or Toy Story or Nemo or Monster’s Inc, there are many stories in our mythology which can be animated. Sahara had an animated movie on Hanuman and inspired by the success of it, they are now planning another animated movie. Animated movies require lot of capital and effort and it is not something which the Malayalam movie industry can make.

One thing which our industry can make is live action movies along the lines of Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew or Alfred Hitchcock and the three investigators. We can also follow the examples of E.T, Baby’s Day Out, Home Alone, Love Bug, Dennis the Menace, and Shrek.

For film makers if they can made a lovable character like Herbie in Love Bug or Dennis or Shrek, they can make a series of movies with them and will have a fan following. The movie should have good songs along the lines of Lion King or Tarzan which were enjoyed by adults as well. Children’s movies are not expensive to make and will work well within the cash strapped Malayalam film industry.

Even though the Government gives incentives to film makers to produce children’s movies, there are no takers. So kids are forced to watch the circus of Salim Kumar and Cochin Haneefa which does not inspire them nor teach them any morals.


  1. Actually if we see we can find many kids movies but nearly all loosly inspired by hollywood film like there was a malayalam spin off of baby’s day out then there was koi mil gaya spin off of E.T . Then there are hundreds of example but none were original the main problem is that we have started lacking originality. If films were based on originality and ideas like My dear Kuttichattan then wew could have seen better kids picture. Even the so called kids film Allbudadweep could not do without idotic third grade sex talk which the kids can never understand

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