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Review Roundup : Rasathantram

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In the movie Rasathanthram, Sathyan Anthikkad and Mohanlal join hands after a decade and the expectations were high. In our preview we doubted Sathyan’s role as the writer, but from the reviews, it seems like that was not a handicap.

Most of the reviews claim that the Rasathantram between the actor and director is intact even after the gap of 12 years. Though the reviews were not very impressed with Sathyan’s screenplay and dialogues, they say that the chemistry, camera work and skilled direction makes this movie this season’s family entertainer.

Sify writes

The problem with Rasathantram is that it lacks a story but works on the Sathyan formula of Mohanlal as a do-gooder and provides comedy and sentiments in the right dose. Mohanlal is simply superb and his comedy timing, controlled emotions and outburst in the climax take the film to great heights. The scene where he removes the roof tiles and accidentally sees Meera taking a bath brings the house down (No actor can beat Mohanlal in such chammalscenes!).

A refreshing endeavor writes IndiaGlitz

Rasathantram, meaning ‘chemistry’ did certainly worked out the chemistry between the actor and director creating another film for jubilation. Mohanlal is back to his known, strong territory, with effortless, effusing acting styles and subtle humour. Sathyan Anthikkad has managed to present Lal in a more human, logical nextdoor characterisation thus creating a solid film to stand out as one of the summer’s highly admired family drama.

Paresh Palicha writes in Rediff

Basically, Rasathantram is all about chemistry, be it among the lead players or among the various other actors. It is this chemistry that enthralls us.Mohanlal and Meera Jasmine are paired together for the first time. It will be worthwhile watching them together. They ably spin magic on screen. Mohanlal, though repeating himself for the umpteenth time, pleases.

Meera Jasmine, who has been given the typical damsel-in-distress kind of roles in Malayalam films except for a rare Swapnakoodu or an Achuvinte Amma, where her characters were humorous in the beginning before turning serious, has a completely different task in this film. Here, she starts off as a damsel-in-distress but takes on lighter shades as the film progresses. Though her metamorphosis leaves us dissatisfied in hindsight, she remains a delight to watch.

Final words: Satyan Anthikad uses different elements that are tried and tested over the ages to give us a solution that is in a fine state of equilibrium.

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