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Preview: Thuruppugulan



Ever since Mammotty started wearing Eastman color clothes, doing comedy and dacing, his career has taken a giant leap upward. Thommanum Makkalum was one of his hits of 2005 and Rajamanikyam is the top grossing Malayalam films of all times. Now that the formula for success has been found, why not try it again and again? So here comes another colorful Mammotty in Thuruppugulan with a story which has Tamil remake written all over it.

The film is the story of Ghulan Kunjumon – a virtuoso performer in cards and in streets running a roadside shop in Kozhikode popularly known in Kerala as Thattukada. He is the son of Kochuthoma (played by innocent) who runs another Thattukada in front of the star hotel, Raj palace in Ernakulam. The film is all about the clashes between the family of Ghulan Kunjumon and the present caretakers of the star hotel, in the issues of shifting the Thattukada to another place so as to clear off the disturbing small establishments that is posing problems to the hotel [Thuruppu Gulan – Relaunching Mammootty with colors]

This film would be Mammotty’s first release of 2006. In 2005 all his movies, including very outrageous ones were big hits and so that trend might continue. People seem to have accepted Mammotty in such roles and soon people will be throwing money on the screen and performing arathis when he appears on screen.

The film is written by Uday Krishna and Siby K Thomas of Dileep’s team. Well, they cannot be called Dileep’s team anymore since they have been writing comedies even for Jayasurya and Kunchako Boban. Their last movie, Kilukkam Kilukilukkam was ripped apart by critics but still went on to collect lot of money.

The director of this movie Johny Antony has two hit films to his credit – CID Moosa and Kochi Rajavu, both written by Sibi Thomas and Udaykrishna. With both these movies he has shown that he can make a superhit out of stupid scripts. So even though the story of this movie could be unbelievable, it could become a major hit.


  1. you forgot one very special thing which makes this movie different – Kunjomon is an avaid fan of Balarama – mayavi in particular.!!!

  2. Guys, A small doubt, which tamil movie’s remake are U people talking about… Which tamil movie is being remade as Thuruppugulan??

  3. Unnikrishnan, What we meant was it will be remade as a Tamil movie later.

  4. Yeah, and the remake will flop big time:-) I hear Vikram and Co are still attending to their wounds!

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