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Preview: Pachakuthira



(This preview was written by the guest contributor Unni)

This small green insect is supposed to bring wealth and prosperity. If Pachakuthira, the movie, proves lucky for director Kamal, he shouldn’t complain. His past three ventures didn’t go down well with the Kerala audience. The first, Manjupoloru Penkutty, where he tried new faces, exotic locations (Paris), bombed. His next was Perumazhakalam, critically very well acclaimed and won a few awards, but didn’t exactly set the cash registers ringing.

To avoid a hat trick of flops, Kamal took the natural escape route, rope in a superstar who was on a roll, use a proven script writer, throw some sentiments in and Rapakkal was born. Unfortunately for Kamal, while the end product was good, it did not turn out to be a big hit either.

Pachakuthira, is Kamal’s latest venture and features his one time assistant director, the “Janapriya nayagan” Dileep, who does the double role once again after Kunjikoonan. He plays the role of two brothers , Anandakuttan who is an “extras” supplier for movies and Akash Menon, the mentally challenged guy who returns from Germany. Dileep in one of his interviews (Nana film weekly) has mentioned that he took lot of pains for portraying Akash Menon, with soda glasses of power 13 and uneven teeth. To his credit, he does look very different too.

The movie could be a turning point in Dileep’s career, as he looks to break free from his oft repeated formula movies, dappankuthu/foreign location dances. Pachakuthira also does not have his three lucky mascots – Siby, Udayan and Kavya.

The story is about Anandakuttan who ends up as a junior artiste. Life is one major struggle for him. It is a travail that has to be undergone. But enters in his life, his twin Akash Menon. He provides him a reason to live. What follow is fun and some thought-provoking events.(Pachakuthira – Inside reflections)

Gopika, whose Tamil career does not seem to be going great guns, compared to other Malayalee actresses from Kerala, is paired with Dileep. The movie also stars Salim Kumar and since Kamal has the reputation for not allowing actors to overact, Salim Kumar will probably have to stand as electric pole or something.

The others in the cast include the permanent fixtures of Dileep movies, Harisree Ashokan and Mamukoya. Music is one of the main ingredients of Kamal’s movies and its Ilayaraja who scores music for Pachakuthira.

Another scriptwriter from the Kamal camp, T A Shahid, pens this one also. In the past he had scripted a comeback of sorts for Mohanlal in Balettan. Then he wrote Mampazhakkalam which beat the All Sacrificing Brother TM theme to death. In the nonsense movie range or entertainers as they are called now, too he has shown his talent by scripting Naatu Rajavu and Rajamankyam.

Kamal is one of the most talented directors we have in Malayalam. His movies delve on varied subjects and he very rarely repeats a theme. As a director, he is adept in staying with trend, for example Nammal was one of the best campus movies we had in last few years. Kamal and Dileep have been together in Ee Puzhayum Kadannu which was a good movie but their last venture together Gramaphone did not do that well.

This movie utilizes Dileep’s talent as an entertainer and with dollops of sentiments thrown in by writer TA Shahid, Ilayaraja’s music and Kamal’s direction, we think that this would be a good entertainer. Not to forget the aggressive marketing as is the case for all Dileep movies. Pachakuthira faces tough competition from Rasathanthram and Thuruppugulan but with all the right ingredients might come out as the winner.


  1. Haven’t seen any reviews of ‘Rasathantram’ around here. There is a review posted on Sify, which says the movie is a decent entertainer. Anyone on here seen that one yet?

  2. Hey Guys,

    I feel your site is a small step towards developing a good culture of cinema reviewing instead of fan wars.

    Keep it going.


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