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Preview: Rasatanthram



The association between Sathyan Anthikkad and Mohanlal have produced many classic movies which we like to watch over and over again, like Nadodikaatu, Sanmasullavarku Samadhanam, and Gandhi Nagar 2nd street. Sathyan played an important role in Mohanlal’s career by giving him play very likable characters which appealed to the middle class. Most of Sathyan’s movies are simple narrations with a great sense of comedy.

After Pingami, which was released more than a dozen years back, this combination did not make any new movies. Sathyan says that he could not find any good script for Lal till now. By then Mohanlal had moved into playing superman in films and such stories are not Sathyan’s forte. Now since Mohanlal is back to earth playing normal homo sapien like characters, it was only apt that he act in Sathyan movie.

Like other films of the director with Mohanlal in the lead, Rasathanthram too has the actor in the down-to-earth role of a carpenter called Premachandran. He is a good worker and is liked by the village folks. One day he meets Kanmani (Meera Jasmine), a girl of Tamil roots who is employed as a servant and is continually ill-treated by the family that employs her. Premachandran comes to her rescue. But this lands him into endless troubles and eventually into love.[Synopsis]

This movie has high expectations due to the reuniting of Sathyan Anthikkad and Mohanlal. Besides this, the movie also has three national award winners (Mohanlal, Meera Jasmine and Gopi). Light comedy movies with a tinge of sadness has always done good for Mohanlal and after a serious movie like Thanmatra, audience would be looking forward to such a movie from Mohanlal.

In part of the movie, Meera Jasmine plays a man named Velayudhan Kutti. This is similar to what Annie did in some Balachandra Menon movie many years back and this cannot be a major crowd pulling factor. Usually Sathyan Anthikkad movies have very good songs (Vaiskha Sandhye from Nadodikaatu, Kunni Mani Cheppu Thurannu from Pon Mutta Idunna Tharavu), but the ones in Rasathanthram by Illayaraja are not impressive.

Most of the hit movies of Sathyan Anthikkad had Srinivasan, Lohithadas, Ranjan Pramod or Raghunath Paleri as the writer. Movies which had Sathyan as the writer like Sreedharante Onnam Thirumurivu and Kochu Kochu Santoshangal have not done well. While we have confidence in Sathyan the director, we do not have as much confidence in Sathyan the writer. Sathyan Anthikkad movies are fun due to the rasathantram between his actors and writers, and that writer part is missing from this chemical equation.


  1. Isn’t it the same Meera Jasmine who once said she wouldn’t act with the oldies in the industry (pointing at Mammootty, Mohan Lal, Suresh Gopi etc)? So what has changed her now? I think she also has the “Thanmathra Syndrome”. She’s short of films in Malayalam and her rival Kavya seem to have a handful of movies all the time.

  2. Gathikettal, puli pullum thinnum… I hope that explains Meera’s stance!!

  3. Well..Meera has made a lot of childish statements at different stages of her career – that she would just act in one movie and then go back – something of that sort, is another example. So when she says that she would not act with the BIG 3, we should take it with a pinch of salt…She’s just 23-25 and is bound to say such things..remember her breakdown at the awards ceremony…IMHO maybe shes not that mature/emotionally stable.

    Having said that, she’s a brilliant actor and is very much in her rights to pick and choose her characters depending on the merit of the role, rather than money or the glamour involved. She could very well have continued in Tamil/Telugu ( she has had reasonable success there too) had she decided to shed her inhibitions like her fellow Thiruvallakari Nayan, Asin and Renuka Menon to an extent- the money was always there – the fan following in Andhra and Tamil Nadu was huge – everything was in her favour – yet she did not go that way.

    Look at her recent movies – all of them have seen her doing character roles – be it the naughty girl in Sandakozhy, the all-forgiving housewife in Yuva/Ayudha Ezhuthu, the house-wife in Mercury Pookkal, the civil engineer in Achuvinte Amma etc.

    Back to the point – Sathyan Anthikad, is one director under whom the heroines might give more than a leg or an arm to act. He doesnt reduce his heroines to mere props. They are all given meaty roles.

    To summarise, lets not judge Meera by her immature statements – shes a brilliant actor and lets take pride in that shes a Mallu


  4. I totally agree with Unni -“shes a brilliant actress” but it doesnt mean that she can speak whatever she likes
    I guess most of the talented actress like shobana ,urvasi entered film industry at a very young age and they have
    carried themseleves very gracefully .

    I dont agree that she is childish ..I think she can become a better politician than many of our leaders who keep their
    legs in two boats.Now she is preaching about acting only in non glamourous roles but when she was new and badly wanted
    a hit in tamil after “Run”she didnt hesitate to act in “Bala”.Later she did the same in maniratnam ‘s ayutha ezuthu…..
    So when it comes to big banner and her neccessity she gets “ramesan Nair syndrome”

    After soothradharan’s success she and a bunch of young actresses openly declared that they will not act with heroes of
    double or more than their age …………….I dont know no now all of tehm have changedtheir minds (maybe now lord brahma
    has reduced their ages in teh eyes of these herioines)…………..but now she has successfully changed her stand since
    now she has realised that superstarts movies are the trend and so better to be part of that rather than being lost ………
    .In a sense I admire nayan in her open attitude of proclaiming that I will glamorous roles to establish myself rather than
    preaching something and willfully forgetting them……..

    I have due respect to her acting skills and she has done brilliant job as shahina in padam onnu vilapam..but that doesnt mean
    she can blurt out anything
    She is one among the few who has proved that ” prizes in youth festivals and learning calssical dance” neeed not be the only
    criteria to be a good actress……………………

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  6. she is a borderline-schizophreniac 🙂

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