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Balram Vs Wig Vs IV Sasi


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Some movies are publicised as action movies before release, some are declared as action movies after people see it, some movies provide action before release.

The movie Balram vs Taradas was supposed to take on Lion and in jest we wrote an article on how it takes two Mammotty’s to tackle one Dileep. The Lion came, Lion saw and Lion Conquered, but both Balram and Taradas were nowhere to be seen. Then the movie was set to release in March. By that time Dileep cloned himself to another Dileep in Pachakuthira and that movie is set to release soon. Then came a news that send waves of tremor in trade circles (no relation to crop circles) that Balram Vs Taradas was postponed again. The tremor was caused by the thought that if the movie is postponed again, Dileep might clone himself, like Agent Smith in Matrix and act in another movie in which he is the hero, heroine and villain.

The problem for the delay in Balram vs Taradas was with the dates. Balram was available for filming while Taradas was busy. Finally to complete the schedule, Balram had to act as Taradas in some scenes. We are just kidding here.

While newspapers are creating all sorts of hype around the movie for having two characters from two different movies come together with the same director/actor combination, this movie is creating history by having the largest number of postponements.

First Mammotty wanted to picturize a song in London. If Dileep and Kavya Madhavan could embarass everyone in New Zealand and Thailand, why couldn’t Mammotty? This idea did not fly with the producer.

Then I V Sasi wanted the Mammotty with the wig to dub with a different voice that the Mammotty without the wig. This idea was canned after the wig puked on hearing the idea.

The movie has got postponed four times already, for technical reasons and for avoiding competition. For an expensive movie of this proportions, lack of self belief from people behind the scenes is ominous. Keralites have proven again and again that content is the king, without that movie would fail, no matter what date it is released and how many heroines act without clothes.

Finally the film makers have settled for a release date in May. They are betting that only five or six Suresh Gopi movies might get released that month and it is ok. Still, the movie could get postponed for the flimsiest reasons such as which direction the wind is blowing or how many seats the Communists win in the elections.


  1. Is it just me or does Mammotty look really really bad in that wig?? He looks decent as a police officer.. but i think that wig has to GO! Of course I have to state i am a little biased.. my fav actor is Mohanlal 🙂

  2. We are unbiased, no fans of any superstar, we too think consider that Wig as a bad idea.

  3. I second that..The wig looks extremely out of place.

    Somehow I feel that this movie might meet the same fate as Dubai, another big budget Joshy-Mammokka movie. It also had releasing problems because of the heavy budget involved. The film ultimately bombed. (Hope I am proved wrong. :-))

    Back to B vs somewhere that it was Mammotty who insisted a Bollywood heroine in this movie, as there was 2 of naturally…But it seems the delay in release of the film is due to the non-availability of dates of Mohammed Kaif’s namesake and the grapevine is that Liberty Basheer asked Mamootty to contact her and get her dates as it was he who recommended her in the first place!!

    Also heard that a certain Khan had given missed calls to our Mega star’s cellphone.. 🙂

  4. Seems that certain bollywood hero Khan is yet to learn his lessons on telephone/cellphone etiquette!!
    Anyway even if BVT fails, I dont think its gonna affect Mammooty as he has a quite a number of films lined up. Even if 2 or 3 of them live up to the audience expectation, he can continue his new found success life!!!

  5. “Also heard that a certain Khan had given missed calls to our Mega star’s cellphone”


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  7. As usual, every writer wants to establish that he is a good critic and public should give him good marks in writing up review etc. But is there any one who writes something correct for the actual information of a cine goer? How many are seeing the movies who make great reviews. Please be unprejudiced and unbiased and come to earth and write something the ordinary cinegoer wants to know.

  8. Purushottaman, In our About page, we have the following line – “This is a personal blog and not a newspaper, hence the opinions expressed here will be very biased.”

    Also, we are “ordinary cinegoers”

  9. i dont think vc is doing a bad job in reviewing movies,they r infact quite unbiased.i do support them ..if u put sanmanassulavarku samadhanam and rajamanikyam any people of that era wud go for SS fact anyone wud agree to it..since it was so correctly made movie that no one cud criticize it

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