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Sizzling changes


Sometime back we blogged about this phenonenon of Malayali actresses who had reservations on exposing going to Tamil and behaving like college kids on spring break. In that article we made few other observations. One was that Malayali actresses would not expose in Malayalam, but only in other languages. The second was that even when Malayalam imported actresses from other languages like Rambha and Meena, we would not let them expose.Now we have to eat some of those observations.

The first change was bought by the Malayali actress Mamta Mohandas. She violated our first observation and did some major exposing in the movie Lanka. Not since the 70s when Seema, Jayabharathi and Unni Mary, ruled the roost had a major heroine done such a performance. She even went as far as kissing Suresh Gopi, whose sole aim in the movie was to win the national award for the man with the most chest hair.

Violating our second observation is Tamil actress Meera Vasudev. She was noticed for her role as Mohanlal’s wife in Thanmatra and now she is sizzling with Kalabhavan Mani in the movie Kali. Even though she is married, she said she has no problems in exposing. She wants to teach a lesson to all Indians who think that women lose their glamour after marriage. In Kali, atleast Kalabhavan Mani keeps his shirt on.

As Malayalees we are proud of the distinct identity of our cinema. Just because a Mamta or a Meera is willing to expose, that should not be the criteria for a movie’s success. Despite Mamta’s exposing, Lanka sank like Titanic and the film makers of Lanka learned the lesson that a film needs a story too.

We don’t know how audience will take Meera Vasudev’s glamour show, but usually these movies with actresses exposing will not get the stamp of approval from the family audience and children below the age of ten, who seem to be the major audience in Kerala these days.


  1. I saw Mamta recently in Dubai, with her father and mother in tow. Very tall (by any standards) and good looking in a non-mallu way, she looks eager to make it big, no matter what the cost. She could be our answer to Mallika Sherwat:)

  2. I honestly feel we dont want a Mallika Sherawat in Malyalam… We all want an actress who can perform as well look a bit beautiful or pretty in glamourous dresses, while not outrageously exposing a la Mallika Sherawat.. This is my honest opinion.. What say guys??

  3. Yeah man! What a loser , she needs to get a life …what’s all this about ” i make sure not to be vulgar’…yeah nobody needs these
    ‘ role models’ for kids in Kerala. Let’s push an icecube down Suresh Gopi\s shirt it seems…a bit of class please!

  4. When I saw Lanka movie’s stills, I thought atlast the Malayalam movie found an actress with a true glamorous look with all type of modern dresses. Just because Lanka sank to the bottom of the sea, this girl should not be forgotten. Mamta Mohandas should come up with better movies in better roles.

  5. meera vasudev is a beautiful and intelligent actor and nothing wrong if she exposes some of the exposables which could be made beautiful by a good camera man. after all women are the most beautiful thing among god’s creation and that beauty cannot be appreciated with a ill fit churidar or saril or set.

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