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Review Roundup : Madhuchandralekha



In Madhuchandralekha’s preview we were hoping that Raghunath Paleri, who wrote screenplay and dialogue, would do a good job and provide us with one of those beautiful movies, as he had done in the past. But the movie reviews tell a different tale, the story and screenplay has let the movie down. says:

The story, concept and presentation are totally bizarre and may have worked in the 70’s and 80’s. Rajesenan and his scriptwriter Raghunath Paleri go haywire and overboard as comedy characters ham outrageously to tickle your funny bones. Jayaram looks bewildered though he has lost weight and looks good in costumes designed by his wife Aswathy Jayaram. Mamta lacks screen presence and the typical Malayalee looks. The songs by M.Jayachandran are melodious especially the title song. One really hopes that Jaylockquote>aram gets a better script in his next outing! has mixed feelings about the movie:

The pull of nostalgia was palpable from the beginning, of course, but the million dollar question is: has it satisfied audiences? It will be fair to say that you come out of the movie hall with mixed feelings. Madhuchandralekha has its moments, but they somehow do not fit in with the whole. It depends on Urvashi’s antics, without her getting any support in the form of a story or characterisation


  1. Thought Jayaram’s wife’s name was Parvathy? Who is Aswathy Jayaram – she is quoted as wife in Sify review.

  2. Ullas,

    Parvathy’s actual name is Aswathy.

  3. VC – Isnt MC Lekha a flop?

  4. Unni,

    Initial trade reports says so, collections are dipping.

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  6. urvashi acted very well but story not good

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