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Preview: Madhuchandralekha



Jayaram and Rajasenan made some good movies many years back like Ayalathe Adheham, and Meleparambil Aanveedu. Most of these films followed the same design pattern of light comedy, light sentiments, and a happy ending. These movies were entertaining and less taxing on the brain and heart. After a while that combination stopped making films.

Now after a long time Rajasenan is joining hands with Jayaram to make a new movie titled Madhuchandralekha following the same design pattern.

Madhu and Chandra were married when the former was a nobody. Things are different now. He is a respected singer and composer, and has his share of fame and fortune. Uneducated though she is, Chandra is aware of their incompatibility in the changed scenario, and attempts to improve, even trying her hand at learning English. But she commits one faux pas after another and Madhu is ever at the receiving end of her follies. In comes Indulekha to complete the triumvirate of Madhu-Chandra-Lekha. Indulekha is a slim, svelte model and an ardent lover of Madhu’s music. Complications begin.[Synopsis]

As you can see, there is nothing original in this story. People will go to this movie expecting to see the chemistry between Urvashi and Jayaram, who excel in comedies. According to Jayaram, no other actress comes close to Urvashi in performing in a comedy movie and we agree with that.

While Urvashi still remains popular as we saw in Achuvinte Amma, it is Jayaram who should be worried. His past five movies (Amirtham, Finger Print, Sankar Dada, Alice in Wonderland and Pauran) flopped miserably. If this movie is successful, he can ease up on his chenda practice.

The movie has one major ingredient which could pull in more crowds – Mamta Mohandas. When we look at the search words on Varnachitram, the maximum queries are for her, compared to any other actress. Her popularity among men could pull in more crowd than the usual family audience.

The movie’s screenplay and dialogues are by Raghunath Paleri and from his previous work in movies like Onnu muthal Poojyam vare and My Dear Kuttichathan, we know he maintains a good standard. We had a good opinion about Rajasenan till we saw Immini Nalloral and that is the only risk this movie has.


  1. Sdaly for Senan and Jayram, MC Lekha has also flopped – so says sify

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