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Review Roundup: Vargam



In the preview for Vargam we said

Vargam is written by Padmakumar himself. This factor of unkown quality would decide the fate of the movie. We do not know any previous attempt by M.Padmakumar to write, hence is unsure about the movie’s performance.

Now the movie is out and Prithviraj is getting good reviews for his portrayal of the corrupt Inspector Solomon. Here is a roundup of the reviews.Sify writes

It is Pritviraj as Solomon who is the life and soul of the film. His performance has to be seen to be believed as the actor has improved leaps and bounds into a matured actor with excellent dialogue delivery and body language. The rest of the cast are also impressive and director has to be credited for making no compromises as the film moves at fast pace and technically it is one of the best films in recent times and the camerawork of Shyam Dutt is pleasing.However the film has shades of Ranjith written Mohanlal classic Devasuram where the reformation of the rowdy is depicted. On the whole, Vargam is a brave film and certainly it is Paisa Vasool entertainment in these hard-up times.

Paresh Palicha writes in Rediff

It has been a long time since Prithviraj was considered a newcomer. With this film, that tag should be dropped as he virtually carries the film on his shoulders with aplomb.Renuka Menon, the heroine who has long been ignored by the industry after her stunning debut in Nammal, makes a comeback, as a stoic lady who becomes the reason for our hero’s turnaround. One feels she deserved more though.

Technically, Vargam is notches above the recent flicks. The camerawork by youngster Shamdat is engrossing. M Padmakumar who has been director Ranjith’s associate for eons, doesn’t totally break free from his mentor’s school of filmmaking. The influence is evident in the dialogues and non-judgemental approach in characterisation. But considering this is just his second independent venture, he shows a lot of promise.

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  1. Though Vargam has been critically acclaimed, the movie has started going down commercialy. The movie is not making money in the theaters, whereas the movie kilukkam kilukilukkam, trashed by the critics and booed by first day audiences, is slowly turning out to be a hit. The movie is being marketted as a Mohan Lal movie, though he appears only towards the last 15 minutes.

    Proper marketing makes the difference!!

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