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Mohanlal agrees, Blessy disagrees, Lizard says no



Ever since the movie was released, Thanmatra managed to remain in news. Initially the movie did not do well. Then it got awards. Then there was flak from medical fraternity about the characteristics of Alzheimers disease. The movie also contributed the word Rameshan Nair syndrome to Malayalees. Then came the revelation that Mohanlal did a full monty in Tanmatra.

Now in a recent interview director Blessy has revealed that Mohanlal had expressed his displeasure at the deletion of full monty scene from the movie.

In that scene, the husband is distracted by a lizard on the wall while making love to his wife; he suddenly gets up to shoo it. I felt the scene was absolutely necessary for the film, as sex is an act when a person concentrates the most. To skip that shows his mental state, and I approached it with honesty. I didn’t feel the necessity to keep any superficial coyness in the bedroom between the husband and wife. But a section of the audience could not digest it, so it was taken off. Maybe in future, when the audience’s appreciation grows, scenes like this may work.[Blessy explains]

We think that both Mohanlal and Blessy did not have problems with this scene, but strong objection was raised by the lizard. (We were told so by the fly on the wall). The lizard said that he was not portrayed in favourable light and was not sure if family audience would accept him in a full monty scene. The lizard then spoke to the horse in Kilukkam Kilukilukkam and found that animals had more power these days to block a film. When notified of this, the film makers decided not to take a chance and instead delete the scene.

Postscript: We heard that the lizard ate the fly on the wall.


  1. Thanmathra a hit/break-even? What I heard is that after the awards, it picked up and had pretty good collections in Chennai as well.

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  3. i really appreciate blessy for doing thorough homework on alzheimer’s illness before doing thanmatra.arguably,thanmathra seems to be one of the very few malayalam film wherein a medical condition is shown realistically and credibly.generally brain disorders which affect behavior have been very much maladapted in malayalam films resulting in the affected character turning comical,naive or just whimsical sending wrong messages to the viewers.even psychiatrists are stereotypes dabbling in incorrect medical terms. mohanlal,nedumudivenu and such good actors even have to speak dialogues written in half baked scripts.alzheimer’s though categorised in neuropathology ,could develop behavioral anomalies as evidenced in thanmathra.what i found interesting about blessy is his deft handling of the script without losing sight of medical information.crank on blessy.

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