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Suresh Gopi’s March Films



It is March and you decide to go to the movies. You walk into a multiplex which has three theatres and in your hurry, you forgot to look up which movies were playing. If you walk into theatre number one, you will see Rashtram, a political thriller starring Suresh Gopi. In this movie Suresh Gopi plays the Chief Minister of Kerala trying to bring in a new Kerala. While you are wondering whether to cry at the fact that Suresh Gopi is playing the Chief Minister or that he is trying to improve Kerala, you find that all tickets are sold out. The tickets have been purchased en masse by people who want to learn English by watching Suresh Gopi’s movies.

Slowly you walk to the second theatre and find that it is playing Chintamani Kolacase starring Suresh Gopi. In this movie the action hero plays the role of a maverick lawyer trying to solve a murder mystery. The movie starts with the statement that no guns were harmed in the making of this film. Suresh Gopi sports a new look with half a litre of coconut oil applied on his head, with one strand of hair escaping the comb and hanging on his forehead. (See Pic)We heard that this strand of hair plays an important role in the film. As you reach the counter you find that the movie is sold out. The tickets have been purchased en masse by lawyers and coconut oil manufacturers.

Disappointed, you walk to the third theatre and find that they are playing Lanka starring, believe it or not Suresh Gopi without his shirt. (The shirt apparently got a better role in Chintamani Kolacase) The ticket counter looks empty and you get tickets. At the end of the movie you come out asking

What role does the train play in the movie? Where does Sraavan get his daughter from? Who was his wife, who ditched him to elope with a younger guy? Why does the heroine speak Tamil or Sinhalese to the hero and to her friends, but Malayalam to the hero’s friends? How does Bekkal Fort of Kasargode come in Sri Lanka? Does Sajan have any previous enmity with the producer?

“Beware of the ides of March”, said the soothsayer to Julius Caesar. “Beware of Suresh Gopi in March”, that’s what the new soothsayers will say.

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  1. 😀 , Nice one . BTW which is the multiplex?

    If it is d sarita , savita , sangeeta , when did it became multiplex?

  2. LI, it is an imaginary world 🙂

  3. Is he trying to do a Sethurama Iyer in Chintamani..The white banian, Rudraksha mala et al. The only difference I can see is that the Kunkuma pottu has been replaced by a Bhasma kuri

  4. Unni, U missed out a major difference, when Sethurama Iyer is more beleivable, has his actions speak more and uses his brains more than brawns. Suresh Gopi’s Lalkrishna Veeradiyar’s menacing looks, look more dumb than brainy!! If it were hollywood, people would have called his act a spoof on Sethurama Iyer!!

  5. Still it is interesting to see Suresh Gopi trying hard to diversify his portfolio with Lanka and Chintamani. If he wants to stay longer in the film industry, he needs to get out of the Malayalam-English speaking characters.

  6. VC, but what is the point – most of his non-police officer movies have flopped at the BO. SO he has to resort to what he knows best – wield a gun and mouth bombastic dialogues

  7. Unni, Most of Mammotty’s attempts at comedy had flopped and then came Rajamanikyam which grossed much more than all his serious movies. Did Mammotty give up on comedies when all his movies were flopping?

    You never know when success will come by.

  8. Mammotty and Comedy are not totally new. He has enacted lot of subtle humor in movies like Azhakiya Ravanan, Kalikkalam, Thommanum Makkalum etc. Now that you mentioned Rajamanikkyam, I feel more than Mammotty’s switch to comedy, it was the “Thiruvanthoraaam” lingo that clicked with the audience. I believe it is this lingo which has helped actors like Jagathy, Lalettan, ManiyanPilla Raju do comededy so effectively – these “whoaaah ..thanneee entharappeeee” things..

  9. Unni, SG too has done very different movies like Lenin Rajendran’s Vachanam, and Jayaraj’s Kaliyattam . There are actors who like to do the same set of movies like Rajanikanth and Vijay. Then there are actors who atleast try to do something different.

  10. Whoever wrote this article is simply great!! I luv ur remarks, i just saw 1/4 of chintamani kolacase and came to this site… to find out what others have u say. Thanks, i won’t ever again watch suresh gopi’s movie!

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