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When Bhavana got an offer for a Tamil movie, people told her not to take risk with a movie which had newcomers. But the scene was similar to her debut in Malayalam in a film with unknowns like Siddharth and Jishnu in Nammal. In that film she had to look ugly too.

But off the sets, I did find myself being questioned by a lot of my friends and relatives, who claimed that entire cast of new actors would never be accepted, especially in Malayalam cinema, where viewers tend to be very selective about their preferences. This got me thinking but I decided to give it a go and concentrate on the job at hand. Looking back on those initial days of uncertainty, I can now safely say that I was able to get the better of the tricky situation

Even at the premiere and other screenings of the movie, people would go up to my co-actors and tell then that they had done an excellent job and wished them all the best for the future. But not me, In fact, even my close relatives kept making fun of me, saying that I would not get any more offers from producers, as nobody would recognize me for my efforts in my debut role.Somewhere deep inside, I realized that my talent would click.[Interview: Bhavana]

Bhavana’s instincts were right and she was recognized for her performance. She also go to do the usual comedy film with Dileep which seems to the highest honour a teenage heroine can get in Kerala these days. For some reason she seemed to get short roles in most of her movies like Thilakkam, Runway, Naran and Udayananu Tharam. The only film makers who gave her serious roles are Kamal in Swapnakoodu and Jayaraj and Aryadan Shoukath in Daivanamathil for which she won the the award for the second best actress

When you get inconsequential roles, you turn to other languages. There is a feeling that Tamil films means exposing and hence actresses like Kavya Madhavan are very apprehensive about acting in films there. Tamil films require heroines who can ooze glamour like Nayantara, who is busy not just in Tamil, but in Telugu also. At the same time, there are directors like Kannan, T.V. Chandran and Cheran who make movies which provide good roles to heroines which do not require exposing. Navya Nair got into this niche area and is now getting roles which expand her range as an actress.

Ignoring her critics, Bhavana ventured into Tamil and her first film Chithiram Pesuthadi got good reviews and she got noticed. Now she is acting in Arya and Veyyil and is getting recognition as an actress known for her acting skills.


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