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Movie Review: Pauran


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To start with, this movie has very few positives about. In fact we didn’t find a single scene worth mentioning in the whole movie. Pauran has identity crisis as it tries to be a family drama as well as a political thriller and fails at both attempts.

Divakaran (Jayaram) is a communist party leader who is trying to reform his party. Divakaran’s closest friend is MLA Thomas (Riyaz Khan) who is the son of the benefactor who had helped Divakaran and his mother after Divakaran’s father’s death. Annie (Geetu Mohandas) is in love with Divakaran and she is the daughter of Divakaran’s political mentor. There are vested interests in the party who doesn’t like Divakaran’s way of thinking and popularity, but they are helpless as the masses are behind him. Komalan(Kalabhavan Mani) is his arch enemy.

MLA Thomas wants to marry Annie and Divakaran sacrifices his love for his dear friend. A property dispute involving Komalan heats things up and Komalan wants Divakaran out. He has an ally in Gopalji (Sai Kumar) a top party honcho from Delhi ( a la Mohan Thomas in Commissioner). Rest of the movie is about how these evil guys go about liquidating Divakaran.

Jayaram tries to do his best within the parameters of the weak screenplay, but other actors in Malayalam had done similar roles and have given stellar performace. In fact, in the past Mammootty, Mohanlal and Suresh Gopi have excelled in similar roles. Riyaz Khan had a positive role which didn’t have much to do. Kalabhavan Mani, as Komalan, was at his villanious best. Geetu Mohandas went overboard few times. Rest of the crew, nothing special.

Screenplay by Sajivan takes most of the blame for this movie’s debacle. For an audience who has been pampered by Ranji Panicker’s fiery craft Sajivan’s fare lacks punch. Dialogues sounds empty, and story predictable. The most weakest scene is the one in which Communist MLA Divakaran goes to church to pray loudly. MLA Thomas comes into the church at that time and after overhearing Divakaran’s loud rambling all the misunderstanding between them is gone. True indication of a writer with idea bankruptcy.

Sundar Das has made a half hearted attempt at direction and is obvious that this type of movies are not his forte and his mind was not on this job.

Overall, an easily forgettable movie.


  1. I think the positive part of this movie is they have dared to show the evils in the Communist party. As for cinema, its nothing good though.

  2. True, this movie is not that great but it did tell us the evils of the communist party and their pseudo ideals without changing much of its real names. Also reat to see Riyaz Khan in a positive role, he should have get a bit more character.

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