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RIP – G.Devarajan Master



Aayiram paadasarangal kilungee..
Aaluvaappuzha pinneyumozhuki
Aaarum kaanathe olavum theeravum
Aaalinganangalil muzhukee

The music director of that song, Devarajan Master, a stalwart in Malayalam Film/stage Music, passed away yesterday night in Chennai.He was 79 years old. He was hospitalised after suffering a minor stroke last thursday. He came back home yesterday after showing improvement in the health . Later he had a major stroke at 11:30 in the night and passed away before reaching the hospital.

Devarajan Master had composed music to more than 300 movies. His debuted in 1951 by composing music for stage, Ponnarivalambiliyil Kanneriyunnole for KPAC. First movie he composed music was Kalam Marunnu (1955). He became a legend for generations of music lovers, his compositions, Sanghupushpam, Sanyasini, Sanghamam to name a few, became evergreen hits. Most of his hit songs were written by Vayalar Ramavarma and the combination of Vayalar-Devarajan was synonymous with beautiful songs.

Since his debut in the film `Kaalam Marunnu’ in 1955, Devarajan went on to traverse a whole gamut of tunes that have turned immortal. His genius as a composer lay in his ability to blend harmoniously the best from folk, Carnatic, Hindustani and traditional music. Devarajan was one of those rare musicians who never desired to go on a beaten track. He preferred to take a different route every time he set out to tune songs. There is perhaps no one who has created songs of such astounding variety as Devarajan. And all this began at a time when there was no effective promotion of talent, nor all those machineries for propagating talent.[Immortal tunes his forte]

He had won Kerala State Award for Best Music Director 5 times.

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  1. Such a great composer he was… How can we ever forget all those goody songs from him!

  2. He was one of the greatest music trio in Malayalam, Vayalar/Devarajan Master/K J Yesudas. Melody in malayalam got a new meaning thanks to these three and I pray to God that the good soul rest in peace..

  3. I had the privilege of meeting this great man a couple of weeks before his death, what a blessing it was. Perhaps our state of Kerala will never see such a great music director as him in hundreds of years to come.

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  5. Pradeep Kumar, Houston, Texas USA

    Many malayalam film music fans do not know this – but several years back there was a comparative study done (at Annamalai University Dept. Of Music) of quality of lyrics, music direction and singing – and the winners as you would guess turned out to be Vayalar, Devarajan and Yesudas. The combination of the three won over well known established combinations of Shakeel Badayuni/Naushad/Mohd Rafi, Sahir/Roshan/Rafi (and Lata), Shailendra/SDB/Talat/Rafi/Lata, Rajamehdi Ali Khan/Madan Mohan/Lata, Sahir/Ravi/Mohd Rafi, Kannadasan/MSV/TMS (and Susheela) to just name a few. I don’t know who they had compared to in Bengali, Telugu, Kannada and other languages. The comparisons strictly referred to lyrical poetry (the richness of the song – love, romance, sorrow, pathos, despair, religion, India’s social structure, caste, poverty, human bonding, people’s struggle for human dignity etc – all uniquely woven into mainstream Indian cinema since late 1940’s), along with the music composition to the lyrics of a particular song (the song structure, melody, adaptation of traditional Indian ragas, instrumentation, orchestration, recording quality etc.) and finally the rendering of the song (the voice, maintaining pitch, emotive qualities, control etc.).

    Nobody could match the greatness brought out by Valayar/Devarajan/Yesudas compositions.

    All Malayalees should be extremely proud of this towering achievements by these humble artistes – like late Vayalar, late Devarajan and Yesudas.

    Somehow, unlike many other Indian states and countries (where artistes who have contributed their very best to their community, and are provided the highest honoraries and showered with everything under the sun – we Malayalees treat everyone with such callous disrespect and dismiss every achievement as trivial.

    It is really sad to see and read how many great artistes who have contributed so much to malayalam film music industry live in abject poverty and cannot make their ends meet.

    Yesudas has said this before and recently spoke that if MS Baburaj and G. Devarajan were born in any other Indian state (besides Kerala) – they would have achieved much greater success and a lot more respect.

  6. I am so happy to hear this news!

    I am a fan of Devarajan Master and love the Trio’s Malayalam Songs. I am forwarding the news to as many Malayalees as possible. That is only I can do for those great persons. And I always speak good about them whenever I get a chance.


  7. “Ee Manohara Theerathu Varumo, iniyoru Janmmam Koodi ..”

    Malayala Sangeetham nilanilkkunnidatholam kaalam sangeetha premikalaaya ella malayaalikalude manassilum Devarajan Master jeevikkum…

    Adarsh K R


  9. Though I am a Tamilian, I loved almost all the songs of Devarajan Master since from 1971.He was a melody king.When I heard the news of his death, my emotion was not under my control I wept like a child.My lips are always siging his tunes in Nadhi,V.Mayam, Bhariya,Chempauthi,Gayathiri etc.Being a good music director,his name will continue to cherish not only in the Malayalam world but also in Southerners’ heart.

  10. Thanksa lot Pradeep kumar for this immensely valuable information.
    It is unbelievable that such a landmark finding that brings glory to a keralaite,went unnoticed.
    Could you please tell us little more about the study like which year it was published and by whom?

  11. There is no one to beat Devarajan Master.Master is great, really great,master is the GREATEST.

  12. I loved every songs of Devarajan Master.He is the greatest and legend of this century.

  13. iAM A Great Fan of Devarajan Master .Iam attracted the style of his Composing .The simple BGM and the Base of Ragam which simply composed. HIS Favourite Ragam was MOHANAM. In this ragam following songs are very famous SWARGAPUTHRI NAVARATHRI(Nizhalattam) GURUVAYOOR AMBALANADAYIL(Othenente Makan). In Shankarabharanam, KERALAM KERALA(Minimol) SRAVANA PANCHAMI in (Othenente Makan) AAYIRAM PADASARANGAL(nadi) ect is his Super hit songs. In Kumarasambhavam MAYANADANA VIHARINI this is the longest dance song in the Malayalam movie ever composed. when i came in delhi in the year 1983 I send one Letter to him stating that iam his Fan and i like his song . Inspite of his busy work he send me a reply that Iam very glad to hear that you like my Music. I used to write Letter very rarely . When ever i come to Delhi we shall meet. I was amazed that writing style itself was found like music notation. He was a Genious no DOUBT.

  14. I RESPECT THE GREATE WORK,…………………………………………………

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