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Review Roundup: Ravanan



On the one side there are movies by stars which run for many days even if the story seems to have been written by a neo-literate. Then there are movies like Nottam and Out of Syllabus which have good stories, but since they do not have stars, vanish from movie screens. In between lies Kalabhavan Mani movies. His movies are not expensive to make and loyal Mani fans make it a success and the producer gets his money back.His new movie is called Ravanan, which also has the added attraction that Meera Jasmine’s sister Jeni is making her debut with the screen name Megha Jasmine. Here is the roundup of the reviews.

Sify writes

Debutant director Jojo Varghese has spun out another cop story for Mani in Ravanan which somehow fails to impress. The story and presentation is old wine in new bottle and has shades of Jayaraj’s 4 The People . The cop presented in the film looks very plastic and monotonous. How can you portray and IPS officer as a frog catcher? Another weak point of the film is that it does not have a strong villain.It is an all out ‘Ravanan’ show by Kalabahavan Mani who does it in his loud style to get the claps. Jagathy Sreekumar does a take-off on ‘Rajamanickam’ that falls flat.:

India Glitz writes

A systematic story telling not so embarrassing script, better cinematography and Mani in his right elements- these are the highlights of the M.Mani owned Sunitha productions 54th film – Ravanan.Jagathy Sreekumar , as usual have provided enough spice for laughter, as a corrupt policeman assisting the hero. The script which loses its tempo at times, has certainly managed to deliver Mani’s strong points to its proceedings.

Jojo.k. Varghese shows promise in his directorial debut which have not gone ‘out of control’.The director has succeeded in giving the film a feel of big movie, even though it is shot in a shoestring budjet, in and around the city of Trivandrum.

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