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Review Roundup: Out of Syllabus

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Out of Syllabus

This low budget movie had a host of unknown stars and was made by folks who were not so famous. Even though the movie was good, it just vanished from the screens proving once again that we care more about stars than the story. Here is a roundup of the reviews.

Franko Davis writes:

Viswanathan, erstwhile program producer for Kairali TV, is the Director and he pulls this off rather nicely, even though he still has a long way to go. Script writer Lohithadas does a cameo role in the film as himself. Bennet Withraag, another newcomer has composed the music for the lyrics of Prabha Varma and Rafeeq Ahmed. Some of the songs are melodious and hummable. The film’s appeal lies in the nostalgia it creates in you for the good old days on the campus. Out of Syllabus is fair value for money.

Music India Online writes a review while getting the movie name wrong.

Both ‘Ennittum’, that was released a week ago and ‘Out of Control’ have campus setting but they have nothing in common. They are quite different in terms of story narration, treatment of the story and performances of the artistes. Most of the star casts in ‘Out of Control’ are debutants. And so, it would be unfair to expect perfect performance from them. The direction and acting departments are not impressive but the strength of the story has made up the loss. Scriptwriter Lohithadas also does a cameo role in the film.

The album of the film has some melodious numbers. Bennet Withraag has composed the tunes with lyrics by Prabha Varma and Rafeeq Ahmed. In spite of the shortcomings, Viswanathan, the producer for Kairali TV has done a good job as a director. He has succeeded in bringing your old campus days on the big screens. It makes you nostalgic and it’s worth watching your sweet and funny past.

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  1. hi

    The music direction of the movie OUt of Syllabus was done by Mr.Bennet and Mr. Veetarag.iTz not Withraag…..

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