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Music Director: M Jayachandran



M Jayachandran won the award for the best singer in the Kerala State Awards for 2005 which was a bit surprising for M Jayachandran (not to be confused with P Jayachandran the singer) is best known as a music director. He had composed the songs for the film Nottam and sung the track for one of the songs. The director liked it and decided to retain M Jayachandran’s voice for the song Melle. Chitra won the award for the best female singer for the song Mayangi Poyi in NottamIn an interview he speaks about his influences.

“I gave my first vocal recital at the age of 9. My father has always had an abiding passion for Carnatic music, travelling distances just to listen to kutcheris of classical greats, taking me along. This treasure trove of listening experience made for the best lessons I learnt and still draw upon.”His early association with composer M. B. Srinivasan opened up new vistas. “He introduced me to Western classical music. For me, it was a voyage of discovery that broadened my horizons, yet brought me closer to my cultural ethos.” Hindustani music was another addiction. “A confluence of these diverse influences as well as my stint as an apprentice to music director G. Devarajan was later of invaluable help.” [ Catchy amalgam of styles]

When we see his name as the music director of the film, there is no guarantee about the quality of the songs. For example, we liked the songs Kandu Kandu and Kantha Njanum Veram from Mambazhakkalam, all the songs in Perumazhakkalam and Omane from Boyy Friend. Then we could not believe that it was the same person who composed songs for Lokanathan IAS and Sankar Dada. There is no consistency from him like Raveendran. Hopefully he will become selective and give us great music.


  1. Dear Sirs,
    I am an aspiring singer based in Mumbai for last 10 years, born and brought-up in Kerala. I have been singing professionally in various musical events conducted across Mumbai and have also travelled to Singapore and Dubai for stage shows.
    You are requested to visit below link which was published in Times of India.
    I am looking forward an oppertunity to sing in Malayalam film industry.
    I would like to send my recorded songs to Shri.M.Jayachandran. Please advise me in personal his contact address, email, phone number for the same.
    Anticipating an affirmative response.
    Baburaj Menon
    093228 29846
    098336 01878
    022 67513272

  2. Have some lyrics , looking forward to send it to a Music Director , how do I do that ? Can anyone help ? Thanks !

  3. Well, I like his compositions. He has proved himself again in the movie ‘Nivedyam’. However, I noticed something, that the number of movies he directs for has reduced in 2008. What’s happening?

  4. I have some lyrics, I cannot say you is it good or bad, you carefully read this and inform me to good results

    F{Xbpw Zb-bp? amXmth
    F{Xbpw Zb-bp? amXmth
    C{X-ta¬ aW-tamepw kvt\lamw
    ]q°sf amdn-e-Wn™
    {io amXmth {io amXmth
    sagpIp-Xn-cnt- -t]m¬ ssIIq-?n-bp-cpIpw
    ASn-b-\n-e-\p-{Klw sNmcn-tb-Wta (2)
    Ime-Øn? ]pkvX-I-Øm-fp adn-°p-tºmƒ
    \?-X-?-£cw sXfn-tb-W-ta (2)
    Im‰n-en-fIpw a\ mw IS-en¬
    Nn¥bmw \uI-bn¬ Rm\-e™p (2)
    IÆo-scm-gp-Ip-sa? Ihn-fØp \ns‚
    km¥z\ kv]¿iw ]I-tc-Wta (2)
    Acn-In-em-sW-¶nepw \osb{X
    Acn-IØp \osbmcp bpK-am-bp-?m-bm¬
    \n?n-ep-sa-?nepw \ma-dn-bmsX
    sI´n-?p-W-cp?p Poh-X-cw-K-߃
    Fs‚ IÆp-I-f-dn-bm-sX? IÆn-\m¬
    \ns? t\m°n-\n?p
    \ns? t\m°n-\n?p
    \n?n-ep-sa-?nepw \ma-dn-bmsX
    CW-tN¿s?m-gp-Ipao Poh-kp-K-‘-߃
    Fs‚ \mhp-I-f-dn-bm-sX? \mhn-\m¬
    \nt?mSp tamgn-™n-Sp?p Rm?
    \nt?mSp samgn-™n-Sp?p
    Sureshkumar P.R.
    Pallipparambil House
    Kurisummood P.O.
    Chethipuzha, Changanassery, Kottayam 686104
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  5. sir,
    with your permission shall i call you , jayatta; eventhough my age is is more than yours . I like your approach towards the music . I dont know any thing in music but I thought I have the music mind to enjoy it . Pls do not feel bad ; musically I appriciate Mr:Alphonce one and only since I am thinking that he is much more dedicated to THE GODS GIFT . If possible Pls. give me your email address ,Mr: Alphonse email address tome through my mail . My mail address is You can trust me to all levels that I will never distrub you . my phone no is 00971505603806.

    If possible give me an acknoledgement through STAR SINGER2.

  6. Hi Jayachandran,
    I like your songs especially sang by Vijay Yesudas and Swetha. Vijay Yesudas is a great singer with great marvelous voice. He can sing any pitch with out any voice crack. we love his songs. Always listen to his songs via online web such as thriapaadal & he is the best male singer in south India.
    Please use him more on your songs instead of tamil singers and other malayalee singers with bad voice (when they sing high notes, voice crack and sound like female singing). We (my friends) want muttathe mulla’s fragrance more than neighbors mulla(jasmine).
    marvelous voice is equaly important like singing talent otherwise, people don’t like songs after they hear one time. that is the main problem with movie industry now (especially in malayalm). The major problem in the movie songs are only few good music directors and singers. Please, people like you can change it by promoting great singers like Vijay.
    we loved 60s and 70 songs very much because lyrics, direction, and singer. These elements were perfect (vilar, Devarajan, and Yesudas). Next best director was Ravindran master. his songs are great especially the one dasettan sang. thanks,
    sheela and friends.

  7. Hii sirr

    I like you very much, especially the song Rakkilithan superb voice. I am attending the programmee of yours in Arya central school Today really that was a nice speech anyway happy to see u there


  8. Dear Jayachandran Sir
    I am one of the music devotees. But i am not supporting reality shows. I have a strong reason on this thing. I am asking two questions to all great men who happen to read this. That question is my answer ….
    Qw 1.
    Why Tyagaraja swami told ” NIDHI SCHALA SUGHAMA…RAMUNI..(in kalyani raga)..? what is inside in his heart, that make him to say such a way….? . Some people says “that was such an olden period. Now things are changed”. I think It may be correct when the ultimate power changes. But the Ultimate soul power never change . Means the base of music and heart of real musicians never come in to a change. I am sure, today’s music professionals’s professionalism will make barrios on accepting this. I am saying only my visions.
    Qu; 2.
    This question is pointing towards the recent peace-less world.
    When one who use music for competating-weapon against our own brothers and sisters to achieve his own / her own achievements ,
    … ? what will bring here peace and love ? here plz remember my first question and think about it’s logic.

    Great musician Than-sen. His guru was not ready to sin in frond-of of the emperor. what is inside the GURU’s heart…..? Of-course that thins, that way of mental states are not familiar to this world.

    That is why this world now going to the darkness like terrorism and all selfish ways.

    My Conclusion

    Music is divine . It coming from heart then going to hearts . We never allow any awards or big worldly pleasures in between the way . If we sings only for awards or popularity , that moment we loses our great “GURUs” like “TYAGARAJA” and holding only their pictures…………

    My prayers and wishes for all.

    Regards and Love


    • Rajesh, you are absolutely right. I have a daughter who is learning Carnatic Music for 7 years. She is 12 yrs now. She is a keen observer of the finer details of Carnatic music, practising daily more than one hour a day. Reality Shows scares her a lot. She tells me ‘I dont know to dance, I dont know to dress up well, I am not presentable at all…but mamma, I can sing…will people listen to me??’ I dont know to answer your questions. But I strongly feel that a musician’s ability should be tested in a different way.

      • Dressing and music …..????? no connection … Music connected to soul only . take a picture of Tyagaraja then show it to her. Tell her about our Bappuji’s dress. Then Hear the song “Vaishnava Jana tho…

        Plz Tell her, watch these great men … Observe them …
        Follow the original ….

  9. how can i contact Mr.Jayachandran (music director) bcoz,i have some lyrics , looking forward to send it to him. how do I do that ? pls send his email or contact no. thnk u.


  10. Sir, i have confident to make variety music.also i know about work with nuendo.pls give me a job for a assistent music directer.9846009691

  11. Hi,

    I have seen your show accidentally and I have a question for you?

    Dont you have sense?

    Why you wanted to compare a song – Ammavi chuttath ….. with our National Anthm….

    You must apologise in the next show….. I will sue against you for sure…..

  12. I am talking about the day – 01st Oct 2012 episode.
    I have a complaint against M Jayachandran. He has no rights to speak ill about the Nation.
    Why Ammavi Chuttath song was compared to Our respectable National Anthm…..?
    He should apologise in the TV Show in front of the public. I am going legal against this action.

    Sarin Lohi.
    Note- watch the video dated 01st Oct 12.

  13. dear jayan sir
    I have some lyrics. I already send some of them to Mr.soundarrajan(veena artist) as he knows me well. pls give me chance to introduce myself to you.pls sir.

    with good faith
    Kannan kavunkal, alappuzha

  14. Sir,
    I am a singer.I did programmes in almost all areas of Kerala,in the orchestra LOGOBEATS, THODUPUZHA along with ANN MARY VARGHESE,(IDEA STAR SINGER FAME).And I was conducting programmes in Kuwait,in the orchestra JUBILANTS.My best ambition is to become a SINGER in MALAYALAM MOVIE.If u allow me, I will contact u along with my Musical Albums & CDs.
    Thank you.

  15. kannil nela kannil ema chimmathe noki ninu

    Njan nena nokupozhe e kannu kal poranu thonuma

  16. Sir , I am from kattakada trivandrum..sirinte songs enikku ishtamaanu..mallikapoovu,maarkazhi songs aanu sir compose cheytatil ente favourites…sir njanoru lyricist aanu..2 albums is april…song is vidaraan sung by ran a bhuvan (gandharva sangeetam winner)another one is devotional song aashwaasamekuvaan sung by rana bhuvan…Sir give me chance …I have some lyrics…my mob no _9544968406…pls consider sir…

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