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Review: Immini Nalloral


immini nalloral

Famous actress Sneha (Navya Nair) comes for shooting in a small village and Jeevan (Jayasurya), her biggest fan sees her stepping out of the car. He makes a sound like a chicken clucking. Then he produces a sound similar the one made by dogs when someone throws stones at them. He then rolls his eyes and shows all his teeth. Apparently this is Jayasurya’s way of showing excitement. Did I say he also wears dark glasses all the time?

There is a marriage scene in the movie and Jeevan gets to act as Sneha’s groom as the hero’s double. He takes it seriously, frames the wedding photo in the house and starts talking to his imaginary wife. His parents (Bindu Panicker, Janardhanan) get worried. Meanwhile the film unit moves to another location and Jeevan turns up there. Sneha does not recognize him and this makes him upset. So he makes sounds like the clucking of a chicken and the one made by dogs when stones are thrown at them which is Jayasurya’s depiction of anger.

Frustrated, he kidnaps Sneha, drives to a forest and ties her to a bed. While rest of the world is worried that the famous actress is missing, Jeevan’s parents are happy that he is on TV. They invite all people of the village to their house, and serve them food, while they all watch TV together (It’s a demographic miracle that all the people in this village have the same low IQ). Sneha gets very angry at Jeevan and tells him how much she hates him. Soon the producer of the movie comes searching for them and he is also tied to another bed. Their attempts to escape are thwarted by Jeevan.

Finally Sneha tells Jeevan the sad story of her life and then Jayasurya makes the sound of a clucking chicken. Well you get the idea ! Jeevan releases her. After reaching home she decides to marry Jeevan. Ha, you didn’t expect that did you?

This movie is a work of art and poetry, if you are sufficiently drunk. The story, screenplay, dialogues and direction are all by Rajasenan. The movie seems to be a set of unrelated scenes finally assembled together by the editor. The movie left many unanswered questions. Was the character played by Jayasurya, a comical one or a tragical one? Was he a villain or a hero? Was Rajasenan smoking pot or kanjavu? Was he even present during filming?

The movie has many brilliant scenes like the one in the forest where we see Sneha tied to the bed and Jeevan sitting next to her. Jeevan unties her and they break into a dance. After the dance is over, he ties her back again. Then there is a scene where Jeevan has kidnapped Sneha and Sneha tries to escape from the vehicle. Jeevan hits her and her head hits the soft part of the back seat and she falls unconscious. We really laughed for this one.

Somehow the director realized that Jeevan was an irritating character and to lessen his impact he decided to make more intensively irritating characters. One such character is the producer of the movie, who walks with ear pieces from various cell phones and shouts into each one when a call comes. Giving him good competition was Janardhanan who seems to have dubbed the movie by swallowing the microphone. When I say, Salim Kumar is the most subdued actor in this movie, you can understand how strongly the others have acted.

The camera work is by Nambyathiri and he deserves a few awards for some shots. There is one scene where the police officer played by Cochin Haneefa comes to flirt with Jeevan’s sister. First the camera shows Haneefa’s face trying to display sringaram but actually looking like constipation. Then the camera tilts about 15 degrees to the right and shows his face again. Then it tilts another 15 degrees to complete a full circle. As you are searching for Tylenol, the camera does the same thing on the actress playing Jeevan’s sister. Hollywood producers must be camping outside Nambiathiri’s house (or atleast Tylenol manufacturers).

We have not seen many movies of Jayasurya, but in the most recent one, Pulival Kalyanam, he showed that he cannot act. He confirms that with this movie. He has lot of dialogue in this movie and talks often looking at the camera and you feel like throwing 10 paise to him just to shut him up. The only major emotion on his face is that of a drunken monkey.

Navya Nair has nothing to do in this movie and probably this experience must have been the reason she moved to Tamil. Rest of the characters like Bindu Panicker and Janardhanan seem to be fighting with Salim Kumar to see who could be more irritating. Siddique gives the performance of his lifetime when he appears in three scenes, two of which are two second scenes of him watching TV and showing the thumbs up sign.

I think the movie had songs, but I was busy applying ice on my forehead and might have missed them.

At the end of the movie, we wanted to start a fundraiser for Rajasenan so that he does not make anymore movies. While watching the movie our mood swung between exasperation and desperation. If you hate someone and want to hurt them bad, send them to this movie.

Have you seen this movie? What do you think? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below.


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  4. good review dude, keeep it up

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  6. I couldnt believe my eyes when i accidently saw this movie on tv today and the end credits rolled out saying Rajasenan!! I was like, isnt this the guy who directed Meleparambil Aanveedu n CID Unnikrishnan. For an instance I lost my reason to exist. Thank God I googled this guy up and ended up finding this review. Felt like I’m not alone after all!! LoL!! Really loved this review!! Couldnt stop myself from laughin out loud after reading this!! Please do keep your reviews rolling!! You Rock!!


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