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Rediff has an interview with Priyadarshan in which Priyan shows his arrogance and the interviewer Patcy N, her ignorance of movies. In the answer to the first question, Priyadarshan categorically says:

No. I have given up ideas of doing a remake

and adds the following

No one else writes comedy in Kerala now, so I thought of writing again.

What about Srinivasan who wrote the film Udayananu Tharam which was a big hit of 2005 or writers Sibi K. Thomas or Udaykrishna who wrote so many comedies for Dileep and even the sequel for Kilukkam?(In which Priyadarshan is making a cameo) . What about Rafi-Mecartin or director Siddique? Apparently all those people do not exist in Priyadarshan’s world. Following this Patcy asks Priyadarshan if Malamaal Weekly is a copy of Victoria 203 and his reply is:

I heard it in my car while listening to the radio. If they ever come to me, I would like to give them a piece of my mind. My story has no connection with that.

When you go to interview a person like Priyadarshan, you have to be prepared and spend some time to find from which movie he has stolen the concept. If only Patcy had read our article Priyadarshan’s Rameshan Nair syndrome, she would have asked the correct question.

Then Patcy asks about his upcoming film with film with Kareena and Shahid and he replies

It has been titled Chup Chup Ke and is a remake of a Malayalam film called Punjabi House.

Now we are confused. Didn’t he say that he has given up doing remakes? In a bold move, in another interview Priyadarshan said

“I’ve had my fill of re-makes. Both `Kyun Ki’ and `Garam Masala’ were remakes of my own Malayalam films. My next release Malaamal Weekly is totally and absolutely original. I’m willing to offer a prize money to anyone who catches me out remaking anything this time,” he chuckles.[No more re-makes… vows Priyadarshan]

Dear Priyadarshan, do you want to pay us by check or cash for finding out that you have also watched Waking Ned Divine?

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